17 May 2018 4:00 Saint Malo St Servan Handicap

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  • Race Distance:1800 m
  • No. of Runners:14 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 13000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 15:30 16:08


1 (2)
Olirodigan FR

Showed signs of a return to form last time. Has more to offer in peak outing
Owner: Mlle Mp Salmon
Prize Money: €58,235

G 5/60.0 A Coutier
R Doleuze
235 4p7p170p6p7p7p5p4p9p 6.1 6.2


2 (7)
Kings Lyn FR

Holding form at this level and should give another honest account. Player
Owner: G Luyckx/j Phelippon
Prize Money: €85,670

G 6/60.0 Alex Roussel
J Phelippon
235 4p5p9p9p9p2p0p9p176p 7.4 4.9


3 (12)
Invincible Viking IRE

Entitled to have needed comeback run but best watched for now
Owner: Ecurie Nicolas Taudon
Prize Money: €107,750

G 10/59.0 F Gavilan
F Grizon
225 0p178p1p7p7p6p2p6p4p 13.0 17.0

4 (3)
Jazz Et Salsa FR

Is better than a disappointing last start suggests. Place chance
Owner: Jl Mace
Prize Money: €50,500

G 7/58.5 S Martino
Jl Mace
220 9p4p5p171p0p0p2p2p7p 7.1 8.8

5 (4)
Carry Out FR

Proven at this level of competition and in decent form. One to beat
Owner: P De Chevigny
Prize Money: €115,770

G 6/58.0 M Eon
P De Chevigny
215 5p1p0p4p172p2p4p7p5p 7.6 4.9


6 (5)
Chambois FR

Not done anything of note for some time and can be overlooked
Owner: W Delalande
Prize Money: €55,200

G 6/58.0 M Delalande
W Delalande
215 9p0p0p0p176p4p1p3p2p 21.0 37.0

7 (13) A
Baladin D'osvin FR

Inconsistent but seldom finishes far from the action. Could get a look in
Owner: C Restout
Prize Money: €28,250

G 7/57.5 B Hubert
C Restout
210 6p3p6p0p1p171p0p0p0p 11.0 10.0

8 (8)
Lotrextremdumilieu FR

Disappointed last time when fancied to run well. Could make amends
Owner: B Bussy
Prize Money: €39,950

F 5/57.0 Q Perrette
G Pannier
205 7p3p3p8p0p8p171p0p3p 11.0 9.4

9 (1)
Inedith FR

Poor recent form is probably reflective of her chances. Unlikely threat
Owner: C Plisson
Prize Money: €2,600

F 4/56.0 S Ruis
C Plisson
195 0p0p170p7p6p2p7p7p 16.0 47.0

10 (10)
American Star FR

Not done anything of note for some time and can be overlooked
Owner: Alex fracas
Prize Money: €32,510

G 5/54.0 E Etienne
A Fracas
175 0p6p0p7p173p4p8p8p0p 13.0 15.0

11 (14)
Charly Green FR

Rounded off 2017 with two moderate efforts. Best watched on seasonal reappearance
Owner: Sj Martin
Prize Money: €30,900

G 6/54.0 Y Barille
S J Martin
175 170p9p4p0p2p0p164p0p 58.0 86.0

12 (6)
Oronsay FR

Has not shown enough in three starts this term to warrant consideration
Owner: Jp Colin
Prize Money: €22,050

G 5/53.5 C Grosbois
C Restout
170 6p5p0p170p0p5p160p0p 19.0 20.0

13 (9)
Eastern Promise FR

Has not shown enough in three starts this term to warrant consideration
Owner: T Poche
Prize Money: €69,710

F 6/53.0 A Bernard
T Poche
165 7p4p5p3p170p0p6p2pTs 12.0 18.0

14 (11) A
Sagehope FR

Struggling for consistency and not given much chance from a wide draw
Owner: C Restout
Prize Money: €67,400

G 7/52.5 D Gibello Sacco
C Restout
160 7p0p2p9p0p170p5p1p6p 36.0 56.0

Coupling A 8.5 8.9

Paris Turf

(5) CARRY OUT scored two starts back and ran with merit off his revised rating last time. On that evidence he should challenge for top honours and rates the one to beat. (2) KINGS LYN has been holding form recently and getting closer to another career victory. He should pose a threat to the selection on current form. (8) LOTREXTREMDUMILIEU is better than a disappointing last start suggests and could get a look in on earlier form. (1) OLIRODIGAN is no forlorn hope and could also be a factor in the finish.

Selection: 5-2-8-1