17 May 2018 9:15 Longchamp De Vaugirard Handicap

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  • Race Distance:2000 m
  • No. of Runners:18 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 19000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 20:45 21:19


1 (13)
Monsieur Cannibale FR

One success from twenty five and is almost impossible to predict which way he will go
Owner: C Bodin/jp Monclin
Prize Money: €1,900

G 5/60.0 K Barbaud
N Caullery
235 0p3p0p0p8p0p173p7p7p 17.0 17.0

2 (2)
See Dex GER

Five wins from fifty and fifth at Hoppegarten when last seen out. Hard to evaluate
Owner: Art Racing
Prize Money: €48,615

G 8/60.0 D Santiago
G Lentz
235 5p0p3p0p8p174p3p7p4p 23.0 20.0

3 (14)
Mavilla GB

Thrice a victor from thirty starts but has been well out of form as of late
Owner: E Lyon
Prize Money: €58,390

F 5/59.5 V Cheminaud
E Lyon
230 9p0p0p170p0p0p5p1p4p 41.0 51.0

4 (9)
Ducale Di Maremma ITY

One win from twenty nine but a back to form second at Maisons-Laffitte last time out
Owner: B Vitale Brovarone
Prize Money: €79,512

G 5/59.5 C Demuro
F Sheridan
230 2p0p5p7p0p176p0p7p0p 8.0 3.7


5 (5)
Bahaa FR

Half a dozen wins from eighty two including two in a row at Strasbourg late last season
Owner: Mme M lapios Baudry
Prize Money: €90,150

F 8/58.0 E Etienne
P Baudry
215 6p4p6p170p9p1p1p9p3p 21.0 27.0

6 (15)
Bubble Brook FR

Triple winner from fifty five starts and back to a better mark but needs to upgrade performance
Owner: Pat Barbe
Prize Money: €89,115

F 7/58.0 A Badel
S Kobayashi
215 0p8p8p7p174p7p1p3p0p 12.0 18.0

7 (18)
Bridjnaia FR

Half a dozen wins from one hundred and eight runs so will not lack experience
Owner: C Bauer
Prize Money: €150,440

F 9/57.5 M Guyon
C Bauer
210 7p0p2p5p0p0p5p170p1p 10.0 13.0

8 (16)
Bonnet Breton FR

One win from twenty eight and a back to form third at Maisons-Laffitte last time out
Owner: G Curens/d Gaguech
Prize Money: €60,400

G 5/57.5 M Barzalona
F Cheyer
210 3p0p0p0p2p0p0p170p4p 7.5 8.5


9 (7)
Doc Diamond FR

Four wins from thirty five outings and has the required form to be involved
Owner: H Froidefond
Prize Money: €61,900

G 6/57.0 A Hamelin
Mme Al Guildoux
205 6p4p7p3p177p4p1p4p0p 18.0 14.0

10 (11)
Zip Code FR

A dual scorer from forty starts but completely out of form coming into this
Owner: J Michal
Prize Money: €67,570

F 5/57.0 S Maillot
J Michal
205 0p0p170p0p0p0p6p0p6p 19.0 30.0

11 (12)
Dauphine Doree GB

Twice a winner from forty eight but must do a lot better to take this here
Owner: Mlle V Mercader
Prize Money: €85,410

F 7/57.0 P C Boudot
Mlle V Mercader
205 8p4p2p175p0p0p8p0p6p 13.0 11.0


12 (6)
Ayguemorte FR

One strike from forty eight and in reality that losing streak is getting boring
Owner: Pl Guerin
Prize Money: €77,815

G 5/56.5 J Monteiro
P L Guerin
200 5p9p0p2p8p4p5p8p172p 10.0 11.0

13 (17)
Grey Vendome FR

A triple winner from forty six but needs to arrest that long losing streak
Owner: R Meder
Prize Money: €71,950

G 6/56.5 E Hardouin
M Krebs
200 4p0p0p177p0p7p3p6p8p 16.0 21.0

14 (4)
Celestial House GB

Four successes from fifty nine and can be forgiven a last time out blip
Owner: C Herbline
Prize Money: €99,850

G 6/56.0 S M Laurent
C herbline
195 0p4p6p173p1p5p5p4p5p 24.0 25.0

15 (3)
East India GB

Twice a scorer from thirty but latest efforts have the alarms bells ringing
Owner: Nicot
Prize Money: €43,201

G 6/56.0 F Veron
Nicot (s)
195 0p0p5p0p0p0p170p6p0p 18.0 19.0

16 (10)
Zara Sky GB

Four victories from forty seven but is on a terrible run of form right now
Owner: Stal Gusky
Prize Money: €89,005

F 7/56.0 S Vermeersch
M Bouckaert
195 0p0p0p0p9p170p0p1p0p 37.0 62.0

17 (8)
Grand Akbar FR

Owner: E Bergougnoux
Prize Money: €164,038

G 11/55.5 C Pacaut
E Bergougnoux
190 9p1p0p7p8p0p7p178p4p 23.0 31.0

18 (1)
Luminous Mind USA

Nine wins from over a century of runs. Might have each way claims perhaps
Owner: Fx Belvisi
Prize Money: €152,050

G 10/53.5 M Michel
F X Belvisi
170 7p0p7p4p3p6p7p170p0p 12.0 22.0

Paris Turf

This final race has the maximum field but in all reality very few come into this with any real hope. (4) DUCALE DI MAREMMA is one though that has some sort of credentials and is given the vote. He sprung back to form at Maisons-Laffitte last time when second late last month and a reproduction of that will be good enough. (9) DOC DIAMOND will go well at a serious price. (8) BONNET BRETON performed better on latest try and is worth a look. (14) CELESTIAL HOUSE and (11) DAUPHINE DOREE might have each way claims.

Selection: 4-9-8-14-11