17 May 2018 5:25 Chartres Centre Nautique L'odyssee - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2800 m
  • No. of Runners: 16 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 21000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 16:55 17:29


Comete Royale FR

Got back in the game at Mauquenchy two weeks ago but unlikely to repeat
Owner: F Lafollet
Prize Money: €48,600

F 2800m 6 Tanguy Devouassoux
T H Devouassoux
3a7a170a6a9a7a0aDa4a 17.0 39.0

Belline Du Perche FR

Enjoying a decent run in the amateur division these days but less rewarding going left-handed and not an obvious choice
Owner: J Ch Daoudal
Prize Money: €48,420

F 2800m 7 S Ecalard
S Ecalard
5a6a2a170a3a5aDa0a0a 113.0 134.0

Cybele De Mai FR

Endured a tough 2017 and picked up last month where he left off. The Nivard-factor can be disregarded
Owner: Ecurie Rock
Prize Money: €0

F 2800m 6 F Nivard
Mlle Ch Delamare
8a170a0a6a0aDa0a7aDa 24.0 25.0

Chiva Des Racques FR

Has been struggling with form since the start of the year and has no realistic chance
Owner: Ecurie Alexandre Buisson
Prize Money: €110,060

F 2800m 6 A Barrier
A Buisson
0aDa0a0a170a8a2a0a4a 9.8 8.5

Billmick Verderie FR

Good faithful campaigner but more rewarding under the saddle and can be passed over
Owner: Ecurie De La Verderie
Prize Money: €51,550

G 2800m 7 Mlle A Brouel
Mlle A Brouel
4m6m8m176a9a7m2m7m5m 86.0 133.0

Crack Du Fruitier FR

Last made the frame twelve months ago and is not about to change his ways
Owner: A Lelegard
Prize Money: €49,390

G 2800m 6 J l Carpon
A Lelegard
8a0a174aaaDa7aDm0a0a 211.0 184.0

Beau Changeen FR

Recently returned from a very long absence and will not worry the opposition
Owner: D Weber
Prize Money: €48,730

M 2800m 7 G Moinon
G Moinon
0a8aRa150a1a6a0a6aDa 71.0 105.0

Bonheur Du Fosse FR

Delicate type with better credentials in the other code and can be ruled out
Owner: Mlle L Pacha
Prize Money: €48,970

G 2800m 7 N Pacha
Nils Pacha
7aDaDa17Dm7m7mDm0m0m 50.0 75.0

Codrag De Bellouet FR

Returned to winning ways at Le Mans nine days ago. Is shod again and with Abrivard back in the wagon should give another solid account
Owner: Ecurie Jean Claude Monthean
Prize Money: €85,240

G 2825m 6 A Abrivard
L Cl Abrivard
1a7a5a2a0a2a178m9a0a 14.0 9.9

Bon Parcours FR

Has been knocking at the door since late April. Makes his fifth start in 19 days and his Chartres record leaves a lot to be desired
Owner: A Ternisien
Prize Money: €96,530

G 2825m 7 Aurelien Ternisien
A Ternisien
3a3a3a3a7a6aDa6a2a0a 18.0 21.0

Cybele Des Peria FR

Has never failed to fire at Chartres. Finished ahead of (12) BEAU MEC recently and in present condition looks a player once more
Owner: G Perianayagom
Prize Money: €87,710

F 2825m 6 F Ouvrie
Mlle Ch Delamare
3aDa3a2a17Dm7a6aDa8a 11.0 8.4

Beau Mec FR

Just one blip on his card in last five starts. Courageous fourth behind (11) CYBELE DES PERIA here last week and should give another competitive account
Owner: P A Rynwalt-boulard
Prize Money: €104,760

G 2825m 7 E Raffin
P a Rynwalt-boulard
4a0a2a2a1a9a177a0a8a 6.6 6.4


Bilingue D'Alci FR

Very hard to fault when racing unshod. Showed improvement here last week but the extra 25m will do him no favours
Owner: Mme B Deramecourt
Prize Money: €87,950

G 2825m 7 L Verva
C H Douillet
5a9a8a172a5a4a2a1a5a 18.0 18.0

Cyrus De Cayola FR

Lost his way following a brace of autumn victories but showed marked improvement three weeks ago and if applied could win this
Owner: J Meslin
Prize Money: €121,870

M 2825m 6 M Abrivard
C H Cuiller
DaDa9aDa0a0a175aDa1a 2.6 3.0


Crack De Pebrisy FR

Capable trotter but can prove tricky. Currently in good shape though and can get a look in
Owner: Ecurie Du Belver
Prize Money: €94,160

G 2825m 6 A A Barassin
Robert Chauvin
Da6a3a3a5aDa17Da0a7a 31.0 30.0

Cooper De Guez FR

Back in the game since returning to racing unshod. Reunited with Derieux who scored with him at Parilly last month and should figure prominently
Owner: J M Bellolo
Prize Money: €117,890

G 2825m 6 R Derieux
R Derieux
5a4a1a0a6a0a17DaDa4a 10.0 8.3


Paris Turf

On paper (14) CYRUS DE CAYOLA may not be an obvious choice but his form is not in doubt and with application can win a race of this category. That said (16) COOPER DE GUEZ is never easy to knock when barefoot on flat tracks and even over this trip still looks dangerous. (9) CODRAG DE BELLOUET won in style at Le Mans recently and with Abrivard back in charge should again figure prominently. (12) BEAU MEC has regularly been in the thick of things lately and there is little to separate him from (11) CYBELE DES PERIA who had his measure here eight days ago.

Selection: 14-16-9-12-11