16 May 2018 4:10 Maisons-Laffitte Lieu Marmion Handicap

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  • Race Distance:1600 m
  • No. of Runners:18 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 21000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 15:40 16:16


1 (8)
Chuck Sport FR

Five wins from forty three starts and has the form to get competitive here too
Owner: C C Fey
Prize Money: €101,140

G 6/60.0 A Molins
Mlle C Fey
290 5p4p2p170p8p1p7p7p5p 16.0 15.0

2 (16)
Millenium Park FR

Had very productive time lasts season and looks very well handicapped again
Owner: W Munoz
Prize Money: €84,030

M 5/60.0 F Blondel
M Pimbonnet
290 5p6p4p0p5p0p170p0p6p 14.0 16.0

3 (7)
Mesha One FR

Just the one win from eighteen and having a diastrous starrt to this campaign
Owner: G Hanouna
Prize Money: €31,840

G 5/59.5 V Cheminaud
Robert Collet
285 0p0p0p0p0p172p1p6p0p 21.0 25.0

4 (17)
Spirit Of Nayef FR

Thrice a winner from twenty seven but very little to shout about of late
Owner: Ecurie Mansonnienne
Prize Money: €0

G 5/59.0 F Renaut
P Adda
280 0p0p8p3p8p0p9p0p9p 21.0 43.0

5 (3)
Beau Temps FR

Former three time winner from twenty six and eventually a back to form third on reappearance
Owner: H Lamm
Prize Money: €54,077

G 5/59.0 A Coutier
M Weber
280 3p170p0p0p0p9p0p6p7p 22.0 18.0

6 (9)
Whipper Snapper FR

Seven time victor from sixty six and could be capable if on a going day
Owner: Jv Toux
Prize Money: €146,310

G 8/59.0 C Soumillon
Jv Toux
280 0p7p172p1p0p2p4p9p0p 19.0 10.0

7 (14)
King Dream FR

Triple scorer from fifty three but not going according to plan this time round
Owner: Pr Nicolas
Prize Money: €86,260

G 5/58.5 A Hamelin
E Caroux
275 0p9p0p8p2p7p3p0p7p2p 21.0 32.0

8 (18)
Finn Class IRE

Former winner in the UK and now in this country. The quicker they go in front the better his chance
Owner: Mme D De Wulf
Prize Money: €103,291

G 7/58.5 S Hellyn
Mme D Wulf
275 4p4p0p0p1p6p178p6p9p 25.0 33.0

9 (5)
Ray Of Hope FR

Has five wins from forty five and chance if on a going day it looks like
Owner: B Gusdal/b Jones/c Nightingale
Prize Money: €134,120

G 8/58.5 M Forest
Mme G Rarick
275 170p3p0p0p6p1p160p3p 30.0 60.0

10 (4)
Convicted FR

Five strikes from forty four and back to form runner up at Chantilly last time out
Owner: S Girardin/jc Chaussee
Prize Money: €94,370

G 6/58.0 M Barzalona
P&F Monfort
270 2p0p7p8p177p0p7p1p2p 8.4 7.6


11 (15)
Jiosco IRE

Won at Cagnes in January but not gone to plan since so more needed today
Owner: Mlle V Dissaux
Prize Money: €150,120

G 9/58.0 E Hardouin
Mlle V Dissaux
270 7p0p6p9p0p1p174p2p0p 16.0 33.0

12 (2)
Beruska FR

Half a dozen wins from forty five but the handicapper must release grip now
Owner: O Horvath
Prize Money: €108,050

F 5/58.0 A Crastus
F Vermeulen
270 7p4p5p9p1p6p8p173p2p 19.0 15.0

13 (6)
Shamatorio FR

Thrice a winner from twenty nine and arrives here in very good nick today
Owner: Scuderia Briantea SRL
Prize Money: €52,680

M 5/58.0 J Smith
P Fleurie
270 4p1p9p9p6p0p170p6p0p 15.0 13.0

14 (11)
Magicienmake Myday GB

Twice a winner from thirty five runs but on a long losing sequence and others preferred
Owner: Ecurie Ammonites Racing S
Prize Money: €86,450

M 7/58.0 S Pasquier
D Cottin
270 175p5p3p0p2p4p5p2p3p 18.0 21.0

15 (10)
Hippolyte FR

Five time winner from forty nine. Placed in last two. Has every chance
Owner: Mme T Clout
Prize Money: €191,930

G 9/58.0 T Piccone
T Clout
270 2p3p177p0p2p4p3p4p9p 5.9 5.0


16 (12)
Black Bird Runs FR

Seven victories from fifty and could be ready to run a big one here now
Owner: Hj uhrig
Prize Money: €132,345

F 6/57.5 F Veron
Frau Y Vollmer
265 9p7p0p170p5p2p1p4p5p 18.0 20.0

17 (1)
Je Suis Charlie FR

Only one win from twenty four but ultra consistent and has every chance
Owner: G Nicot/c Guimard
Prize Money: €44,900

G 5/57.5 P C Boudot
G Nicot
265 3p2p4p2p8p173p2p0p5p 7.7 6.7


18 (13)
Perle Nonantaise FR

Triple winner from thirty eight but looks well below form and must improve
Owner: Mme N Carrie-eychenne
Prize Money: €86,400

F 5/57.0 F Foresi
F Foresi
260 9p7p0p0p0p176p0p3p6p 24.0 39.0

Paris Turf

A good few of these are very closely matched for this giant field closing event. (15) HIPPOLYTE has been third at Compiegne and runner up at Saint -Cloud in his last two efforts which is good form and while he has been on the cold list for a long time today might be his turn. (17) JE SUIS CHARLIE comes into this in fine fettle. (16) BLACK BIRD RUNS and (6) WHIPPER SNAPPERcan also be considered along with (13) SHAMATORIO.

Selection: 15-17-16-6-13