16 May 2018 3:05 Maisons-Laffitte Pl.charlemagne Handicap

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  • Race Distance:1600 m
  • No. of Runners:18 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 23000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 14:35 15:14


1 (13)
Silver Craft GB

Off the mark on the last of his five starts which was at Compiegne. Could go better still
Owner: Mme C Berke
Prize Money: €9,500

G 3/59.0 F Valle Skar
C&Y Lerner
315 1p9p177p6p7p 27.0 11.0

2 (7)
Righteous Love FR

Unplaced in all three runs but has shown a little ability to be fair in those
Owner: P Bonnan
Prize Money: €4,800

M 3/58.5 J Moutard
T Castanheira
310 7p5p5p 31.0 30.0

3 (6)
Shyamala GB

Still a maiden after fifteen starts but has been placed several times
Owner: R Nuss
Prize Money: €42,920

F 3/58.0 M Guyon
M Krebs
305 5p4p174p4p2p4p8p8p3p 12.0 10.0

4 (10)
Vinaccia IRE

Placed three times from ten outings. Went well last time and can be involved
Owner: Mme Ag Kavanagh
Prize Money: €15,050

F 3/58.0 C Soumillon
C&Y Lerner
305 3p7p2p6p9p0p175p9p3p 7.7 4.5


5 (2)
Saint Roch Junior FR

Unplaced in all three tries and will do well to be involved at business end
Owner: Mme C Barande Barbe
Prize Money: €600

G 3/58.0 T Thulliez
Mme C Barbe
305 8p7p8p 15.0 33.0

6 (18)
Action Parfaite FR

Won once in nine starts and entitled to take her chance here as well as anything
Owner: F Petit
Prize Money: €29,595

F 3/57.5 F Blondel
M Pimbonnet
300 4p5p5p170p4p1p9p6p6p 11.0 16.0

7 (1)
Still In Love FR

Unplaced in all three but has shown definite promise and on the shortlist
Owner: C C Fey
Prize Money: €13,270

F 3/57.0 A Coutier
Mlle C Fey
295 5p179p7p 7.7 9.0


8 (17)
Peterhof FR

One win from seventeen. Third at Nancy last time and should at least have another good shot
Owner: M lehmann
Prize Money: €50,225

G 3/56.5 S M Laurent
M lehmann
290 3p8p170p2p5p8p4p2p4p 17.0 19.0

9 (9)
Okiam Des Mottes FR

Unplaced in all four outings and might be better over a bit further in future
Owner: P Lenogue
Prize Money: €4,010

M 3/56.5 S Pasquier
P Lenogue
290 9p7p6p7p 21.0 39.0

10 (4)
Formi IRE

Yet to place in three starts but could be the type to go well fresh by this sire
Owner: P Le Solleu
Prize Money: €31,010

G 3/56.5 C Demuro
C&Y Lerner
290 8p0p176p 33.0 33.0

11 (3)
Loup Des Steppes FR

Just the one success from fifteen and has a rather exposed look nowadays
Owner: E Bernhardt
Prize Money: €18,525

M 3/56.0 G Benoist
E Bernhardt
285 5p5p7p5p9p0p4p175p7p 14.0 20.0

12 (8)
Descouvrir Baileys FR

Placed once in five outings but unlikely to make the judge sweat here
Owner: G R Bailey Ltd
Prize Money: €10,200

G 3/56.0 I Mendizabal
Jv Toux
285 9p0p6p174p5p 22.0 35.0

13 (11)
Hoquilebo FR

Placed in four of ten starts and runner up at Chantilly last time out
Owner: T T Castanheira
Prize Money: €13,590

G 3/55.5 A Hamelin
T Castanheira
280 2p4p0p9p173p0p8p3p9p 9.3 9.0


14 (12)
Geesala Brave IRE

Hit the frame in the UK and this country and will get it right sometime soon
Owner: B Rochette
Prize Money: €21,710

M 3/55.5 M Barzalona
P&F Monfort
280 8p3p3p6p9p0p177p5p5p 14.0 10.0

15 (5)
Princessedeschamps FR

Unplaced in all three outings and will need to produce more at this stage
Owner: O Pruvost
Prize Money: €0

F 3/55.5 E Hardouin
J Bertran De Balanda
280 6p7p8p 19.0 33.0

16 (14)
Silver Silk FR

Still to hit the frame in five starts and looks a bit of an outsider here
Owner: Ecurie De L'hotellerie
Prize Money: €3,500

F 3/55.0 A Crastus
M Figge
275 6p0p176p0p8p 30.0 43.0

17 (15)
Digicode FR

Placed a few times in fourteen runs and basically an outsider here for this too
Owner: M Touze
Prize Money: €38,380

G 3/53.5 J Claudic
P&F Monfort
260 7p8p4p5p4p8p6p170p7p 26.0 41.0

18 (16)
Dancing Master FR

Best effort from nine was at Compiegne last time so that was an improvement
Owner: Snowdrop Stud Co Ltd
Prize Money: €25,000

G 3/53.5 F Veron
Jv Toux
260 3p8p5p9p170p7p5p5p8p 14.0 12.0

Paris Turf

This is wildly open and competitive so bets should be kept on the low side. (4) VINACCIA has had a few tries to get off the mark but went better at Compiegne lately and has the services of the mercurial Soumillon this time round as well. That might be enough to gain the day. (7) STILL IN LOVE and (13) HOQUILEBO have each way claims as do (8) PETERHOF and (18) DANCING MASTER.

Selection: 4-7-13-8-18