18 April 2018 4:25 Pontchateau Px Conseil Regional Des Pays De La Loire - Monte

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  • Race Distance:2800 m
  • No. of Runners: 20 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 28000
  • Race Type:Mounted
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age/Wgt Driver/Trainer Form 15:55 16:28


Balou Du Paou FR

Handy sort when applied. Is confirmed under these conditions and will have his supporters
Owner: Ecurie Y J Le Bezvoet
Prize Money: €122,600

G 2800m 7/67.0 Mlle A Barthelemy
Y J Le Bezvoet
3m1mam7m174m3m5mDm7m 15.0 11.0

Tor Mento FR

Useful type that was quickly sanctioned at Borely but form not in doubt and on good behaviour can pick up a cheque
Owner: Ecurie Du Grand Buisson
Prize Money: €98,716

G 2800m 8/55.0 K Petitjean
F Leblanc
Dm2m177a5m4m9aDa3m6m 33.0 30.0

Volcan Barbes FR

Modest individual that has not been seen out since December and will need the race
Owner: M Barre
Prize Money: €107,110

M 2800m 9/67.0 M Barre
M Barre
177m8m0mDm0mDa0aDa16 67.0 101.0

Bering Boy FR

Excellent campaigner in the specialty. Won with authority on comeback at Angers a fortnight ago and with hind shoes off this time will take some beating from the front line
Owner: Y Dreux
Prize Money: €165,160

G 2800m 7/67.0 E Raffin
Y Dreux
1m171m3m0mDm3m161mDm - -


5 A
Brutus Leman FR

Pleases for the most part but can prove a handful. Was not beaten when sanctioned earlier this month and must not be underestimated
Owner: D Lefaucheux
Prize Money: €116,860

G 2800m 7/67.0 D Bonne
D Lefaucheux
DmDa174m4mDm1m2m8a0a 23.0 21.0

Amigo Land FR

Endured a tough season before being sent for a break and has no realistic chance on second start back
Owner: J Testu
Prize Money: €110,650

G 2800m 8/67.0 Martial Viel
Martial Viel
0m170m0mDm9m0mDmDmDm 41.0 86.0

And Zero Dix FR

Nothing to like on his formsheet for past nine months and can be passed over
Owner: L A Martin
Prize Money: €120,820

M 2800m 8/55.0 R Marty
L A Martin
0a0aDm0a170m8m9a0mDa 23.0 22.0

Velite Du Goutier FR

Seldom seen under the saddle but has demonstrated good aptitude and from the front line could possibly get a look in
Owner: J Laville
Prize Money: €111,350

G 2800m 9/55.0 Mlle M Collet
S T Meunier
7a9a170aDa3a3aDa3a0m 45.0 64.0

Be Good FR

Has been in flying form since early last month. Makes a long-awaited return to the discipline and with Lebourgeois on board can be assured a competitive ride
Owner: S Michel
Prize Money: €153,450

G 2800m 7/67.0 Y Lebourgeois
S Michel
2a1aDa3a3aDa6a6a7a5a 8.7 7.4


Aramis De Chenu FR

Respectable for the most part and pleased here late February. On the front line this time and will have his chances
Owner: Ecurie Franck Pellerot
Prize Money: €114,380

G 2800m 8/67.0 A Abrivard
F Pellerot
6mDm2m4mDm3m170m0m8m 9.3 8.1

Bill Please FR

Has struggled in recent months but is still a quality mare and can get in on the action provided she gets off on the right foot
Owner: Ecurie D' Embeli
Prize Money: €189,840

F 2825m 7/67.0 Mme E Le Beller
Mme E Beller
DmDm6m178m2m3m1m1mDm 33.0 36.0

Asly De Florange FR

Took four races to get back in the game but solid at Amiens a fortnight back and must not be ignored
Owner: Mlle M Grolier
Prize Money: €216,820

G 2825m 8/67.0 Mlle M Grolier
Mlle M Grolier
2m7mDm6m174m1m2m3m9m 22.0 27.0

Voiseau Smiling FR

Particularly ordinary trotter that has done nothing noteworthy for a considerable period and can be ruled out
Owner: B Deslandes
Prize Money: €197,620

G 2825m 9/67.0 F Gence
B Deslandes
Da0a0m170m9m0m6m5m0a 22.0 54.0

14 A
Abatha FR

Respectable on a good day. Made her comeback early April and has front shoes off here but others still preferred
Owner: D Lefaucheux
Prize Money: €196,240

F 2825m 8/67.0 A Lamy
D Lefaucheux
7a176mDm1mDm3m1m0a2m 19.0 30.0

Armenie Du Lupin FR

Good consistent type when applied. Has previously imposed here and with four shoes off for the occasion must be afforded respect
Owner: Ecurie Jean Paul Marmion
Prize Money: €198,170

F 2825m 8/67.0 A Wiels
J Marmion
Ga4m5m5m172mDm2m5m6m 7.8 5.2


Abo Star FR

Average sort but has failed to finish in the money since last autumn and will have too much to find
Owner: S Le Cerf
Prize Money: €220,280

G 2825m 8/67.0 B Rochard
S Cerf
6m6m179mDaDmDmDa2m9m 41.0 72.0

Atout De Fontaine FR

Regularly gives his best. Left a good impression at Angers two weeks ago and could well make the frame here
Owner: B Courault
Prize Money: €212,010

G 2825m 8/57.0 M Pean
B Courault
5m6m5m6m177mDm6m8m4m 20.0 27.0

Bambina Du Parc FR

Serious type that went into her break on a good note. Comes here fresh and should not be far off the mark
Owner: B Hue
Prize Money: €254,370

F 2825m 7/67.0 M Abrivard
M Hue
4m170a6m6m7m2m0a0a0a 11.0 13.0

Adorable FR

Excellent sort that missed the start on first race back but with his mind on the game can play an important role
Owner: C Chenu
Prize Money: €215,890

G 2825m 8/67.0 Guillaume Martin
C Chenu
0mRa171m161m6m1mDa0a 17.0 23.0

Codie De Beaulieu FR

Good class of mare in this branch of the business. Left an excellent impression at Vincennes recently and a similar effort would see her go close
Owner: Ph Rouer
Prize Money: €316,620

F 2825m 6/67.0 M Mottier
P H Rouer
2mDm7m5m0a17Gm7m8a7a 5.0 5.1


Coupling A 10.0 12.0

Paris Turf

Something of an open race this but a lot of credit must go to the talented (4) BERING BOY who imposed at Angers two weeks ago following a year's absence and with hind shoes off can double his money. Significant opposition can nonetheless be expected from the hardy (15) ARMENIE DU LUPIN who is barefoot here - and (17) ATOUT DE FONTAINE who caught the eye last time out. (20) CODIE DE BEAULIEU has an excellent entry here and after leaving a good impression in Paris recently will have her supporters. (10) ARAMIS DE CHENU starts on the front line and will have his chances.

Selection: 4-15-17-20-10