17 Apr 2018 3:20 Maisons-Laffitte Clos De Chalais Handicap

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  • Race Distance:1200 m
  • No. of Runners:18 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 26000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 14:50 15:23


1 (2)
Orangefield FR

Seven time winner from sixty nine and does not know how to run a bad race
Owner: J Egg/mme B Suter/mme Mc Boutin
Prize Money: €310,925

G 7/60.0 M Guyon
Boutin (s)
330 3p4p173p6p3p4p2p8p2p 2.9 3.7


2 (7)
Royal Prize GB

Seven time victor from sixty five including one at Chantilly this season and running ok since
Owner: Jc Smith
Prize Money: €206,979

G 8/60.0 A Badel
Mme M Bollack-Badel
330 0p5p6p1p179p2p3p7p3p 14.0 15.0

3 (13)
Mark Of Excellence IRE

Broke maiden on the last of eleven starts which came at Chantilly and must be in reckoning
Owner: Stall Australia
Prize Money: €62,690

G 4/60.0 T Bachelot
H Grewe
330 1p5p2p4p3p6p177p8p4p 15.0 9.8

4 (4)
Cazalys FR

She is a dual winner from twenty one and in the main is consistent enough
Owner: I Ricci/g Quintale
Prize Money: €61,390

F 4/59.5 S Pasquier
G Bietolini
325 5p1p3p0p2p5p170p6p2p 16.0 15.0

5 (15)
Mangouni FR

Four wins from thirty six but finished last season on a very low note to be fair but might bounce back
Owner: E Moussion/ P Brethes/ Y Fouin
Prize Money: €87,300

G 6/59.5 C Miette
Y Fouin
325 170p0p0p8p0p3p4p1p1p 43.0 47.0

6 (14)
If I Say So GB

Won two in a row at Chantilly in February and can be forgiven a lapse last time
Owner: S hoffmeister
Prize Money: €0

G 4/59.0 G Benoist
P&F Monfort
320 0p4p3p8p4p1p1p3p17Dp 32.0 29.0

7 (3)
Heir To A Throne FR

Former dual scorer in the UK but still to find feet in three runs in this country
Owner: Repro Zaman Bvba
Prize Money: €77,018

G 5/59.0 S Breux
Toon V D Troost
320 8p0p174p0p9p9p0p4p2p 47.0 48.0

8 (1)
Jack Muscolo USA

A seven time winner from fifty four and has the form to get somewhere near the action
Owner: Mme S Yoldjoglou
Prize Money: €99,355

G 8/58.5 L Grosso
Mme E Siavy-julien
315 5p0p0p5p173p1p4p4p0p 21.0 26.0

9 (17)
Creach Light FR

Gained career win number two at Cagnes in February and has run well since in two
Owner: Scea Ecurie Bader
Prize Money: €52,850

F 5/58.5 A Crastus
P Demercastel
315 6p7p1p9p3p170p5p0p2p 14.0 12.0

10 (10)
Fresco IRE

Placed in three of his seven runs and is at least very unexposed here now
Owner: R Barbedette/j Knafo/b Huet
Prize Money: €38,590

G 4/58.5 J Moutard
G Barbedette
315 8p3p0p8p173p8p3p 41.0 78.0

11 (5) A
Maharad FR

Seven time winner from forty seven but can be so difficult to predict at times
Owner: Ecurie Avant-garde
Prize Money: €126,270

G 8/58.0 T Piccone
Ecurie Avant-Garde
310 8p0p179p3p0p6p7p1p0p 16.0 12.0

12 (11)
Predetermined IRE

Twice a winner from twenty six including at Chantilly last time so a big player
Owner: Jv Toux
Prize Money: €60,104

G 5/57.5 A Lemaitre
Jv Toux
305 1p4p172p4p2p8p5p5p0p 11.0 6.5


13 (6)
Spirit Of Nayef FR

Triple winner from twenty five and has had busy season already without success
Owner: Ecurie Mansonnienne
Prize Money: €0

G 5/57.0 C Pacaut
P Adda
300 8p3p8p0p9p0p9p175p1p 22.0 20.0

14 (9)
Mesha One FR

One victory in sixteen runs but has completely blown out in three runs this year
Owner: G Hanouna
Prize Money: €0

G 5/57.0 V Cheminaud
Robert Collet
300 0p0p0p172p1p6p0p7p4p 36.0 59.0

15 (16) A
Stemster GB

Half a dozen wins from forty eight but in a very poor run of form so counted out
Owner: Ecurie Avant-garde
Prize Money: €97,550

G 7/57.0 A Van Den Troost
Ecurie Avant-Garde
300 9p170p5p8p7p0p8p6p3p - -


16 (12)
Royal Aspiration IRE

Five time winner from sixty one and has been showing better signs of late
Owner: Mme D kervyn D'oud Mooreghem
Prize Money: €98,672

M 8/56.5 C Demuro
F Sheridan
295 5p6p0p0p178p2p2p1p0p 8.5 9.2


17 (18)
Teryag FR

One time useful triple winner but form is in a tailspin and not considered
Owner: P Ezri
Prize Money: €82,050

G 4/56.0 P Bazire
D&P Prod'homme
290 0p0p0p6p0p170p0p0p0p 25.0 51.0

18 (8)
Karyfanny FR

One win from two dozen starts but has shown there is a spark there still with a view for today
Owner: H Bigeni
Prize Money: €53,430

F 4/56.0 F Blondel
R Martens
290 0p0p176p0p9p2p4p2p8p 18.0 19.0

Coupling A 11.0

Paris Turf

Consistency is such a wonderful trait in an animal and (1) ORANGEFIELD has it in abundance. All ground conditions seems to come alike to him and he put up another fine performance in third last time at Chantilly. This is obviously very open so each way claims abound everywhere and none more so than both (12) PREDETERMINED and (16) ROYAL ASPIRATION. (18) KARYFANNY and (5) MANGOUNI are possibilities also.

Selection: 1-12-16-18-5