17 April 2018 2:05 Cavaillon Carrieres Dodet - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2600 m
  • No. of Runners: 14 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 22000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 13:35 14:05


Edward Sallaz FR

A bit disappointing in last two starts. Capable of doing better and could earn some money
Owner: A Guedj
Prize Money: €25,520

G 2600m 4 N Ensch
Y A Briand
Da6a1a3a6aDa177a0aDa 14.0 15.0

2 A
Emir De Fael FR

Disappointing last run. Clearly capable of better and is not out of it
Owner: Ecurie Des Charmes
Prize Money: €24,840

G 2600m 4 D Locqueneux
Y A Briand
Da2a3a175a2a4a1a5aDa 4.9 5.8


Esmera De Tilou FR

Poor last three runs and is returning from a break so is likely to need this race
Owner: E Lepine
Prize Money: €21,600

F 2600m 4 Ch Martens
V Martens
17Da0aDa2a2a3a2aDa2a 41.0 45.0

Elstar FR

Did well enough to win latest start. Has a chance if repeating that run
Owner: Jean Claude Terraillon
Prize Money: €37,200

G 2600m 4 P Callier
R Mourlon
1a6a4a175a3a5a4a5a5a 8.8 6.9


Eight FR

Fit and ready for this race and was not disgraced when runner-up in latest start
Owner: Ch Coppola
Prize Money: €26,220

G 2600m 4 J Uroz
J Uroz
2a6a6a7a5a3a3a2a171a 11.0 11.0

Eliva D'eriguy FR

Battling to regain winning form. Only modest form this year and needs to do more to win
Owner: Mme S Larduinat-descout
Prize Money: €33,450

F 2600m 4 D Cordeau
D Cordeau
7a7a5a0a175a3a3a5a2a 7.6 7.4

Enerise Flash FR

Usually finds one better on the day but really does deserve a winning turn. Chance
Owner: E Eyvaso
Prize Money: €67,380

F 2625m 4 Ch Levaufre
Y A Briand
2a2a172a2a2a3a2a 13.0 13.0

Elite Des Louanges FR

Probably needed last run. Has won at this track and must be considered
Owner: M F Fort
Prize Money: €35,030

F 2625m 4 A Duperche
A Duperche
0a177a0a3a1a8a2a1a2a 12.0 16.0

9 A
Emiliana FR

Terrible last two runs but is capable of better and has run well at this track
Owner: Ecurie Des Charmes
Prize Money: €60,300

F 2625m 4 Y Haret
Y A Briand
DaDm6m2a171m1aDaDa3a 32.0 60.0

Ellington Dream FR

Only modest form this year and does need to find a few lengths to win this race
Owner: Ch Anfossi
Prize Money: €73,910

G 2625m 4 R Mourice
R Mourice
7aDa4a5a17DaDaDaDa1a 9.9 15.0

Esprit Delo FR

Has not won since 2016 but does have a winning chance in this line-up. Fit and ready
Owner: Carlos Simoes Baeta
Prize Money: €49,230

M 2625m 4 J Guelpa
J Guelpa
Da7a5a6a6a4a3a170a8a 18.0 14.0

Eddy Du Loisir FR

unrerliable. More needed to win but is capable of playing a minor role
Owner: Ecurie Roee|my Despres
Prize Money: €51,590

G 2625m 4 F Jamard
R Despres
4aDa6a0a3aDa176a4a3a 12.0 23.0

Eole Emess FR

Well beaten in last three starts. Has done better in Mounted races recently
Owner: Mme P Savigny
Prize Money: €47,640

G 2625m 4 Ph Gaillard
P H Gaillard
DmDaDa1m175a7a4a4a1m - -


El Gusto FR

Needed comeback run. Fitter now and should make a bold bid at winning. Big chance
Owner: J P Dubois
Prize Money: €62,840

M 2625m 4 D Bekaert
Y Boireau
0a175a3a6a1a4a6a3a1a 7.7 4.3


Coupling A 4.3 5.3

Paris Turf

(14) EL GUSTO needed his comeback run and can bounce back to win a race like this. It does look a competitive race if the selection fluffs his lines. (6) ELIVA D'ERIGUY is fit ready and barefoot for the very first time. (11) ESPRIT DELO has not shown much this year but could earn some money. (1) EDWARD SALLAZ is capable of doing better than his last two runs.

Selection: 14-6-11-1