17 April 2018 6:15 Caen Langrune - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2200 m
  • No. of Runners: 18 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 21000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 17:45 18:21


1 (1)
Electra Bleue FR

Was in good form prior to her last start. This appears even tougher - outsider
Owner: A De Meulenaere
Prize Money: €25,140

F 2200m 4 F Ouvrie
G Laureys
7a3a1a5a6a176a1a0a4a 20.0 18.0

2 (2)
En Voiture Simone FR

Very complicated trotter but not without ability. Capable if in the mood
Owner: G Stickel
Prize Money: €27,330

F 2200m 4 Guillaume Martin
Alain Roussel
DaDa5a5aDa170aDa1a3a 13.0 26.0

3 (3)
Epia De Touchyvon FR

Ideally entered on second row. Cannot be excluded of the equation despite modest recent form
Owner: Mlle Elise Mary
Prize Money: €37,160

F 2200m 4 J G Van Eeckhaute
J G Eeckhaute
Da176a5a9a9a6a1aDaDa 42.0 88.0

4 (4)
Emeraude Saint Bar FR

Added to win at Laval last April with another at Agen-Le Passage and has run well since. Player
Owner: Th Leroy
Prize Money: €24,520

F 2200m 4 Cl Guillon
A Sourice
4a1a0a4a17Da0aDa9a1a 18.0 30.0

5 (5)
Elmika De Viette FR

Comes from Parisian events and more competitive against her own sex. May need comeback run
Owner: Patrice Gentil
Prize Money: €55,440

F 2200m 4 P Sorais
B Marie
17Da5a4a5a5aDa2a1a2a 47.0 101.0

6 (6)
Eroxane Du Vivier FR

Serious trotter. Fluffed her lines last time but was in cracking form prior to that - big runner
Owner: Ecurie Jean Yves Lecuyer
Prize Money: €19,830

F 2200m 4 S Ernault
J Y Lecuyer
Da1a2a1aDa175a5a3a 3.5 2.6


7 (7)
Estonie Du Sky FR

Long-maiden and not currently at her most productive. Unlikely to pose a threat
Owner: Ecurie Peloski
Prize Money: €20,570

F 2200m 4 Ch Petrement
C H Petrement
Da17DaDa7a8a4a6a5a16 48.0 93.0

8 (8)
Etoile Pierji FR

Won well when unshod two starts back and followed with a good 3rd last time. Now shod - unlikely
Owner: Ec Julienne
Prize Money: €31,100

F 2200m 4 C Megissier
C Megissier
3a1a6a9a172a2a7a4a4a 17.0 17.0

9 (9)
Estebane Sacha FR

Appears come good in last three starts winning two. Can complete hat-trick if applied
Owner: Mme Ch Mottier
Prize Money: €142,940

F 2200m 4 F Anne
F Anne
1a1a2aDa17Da0a2a 5.1 4.5


10 (10)
Elianis Celeste FR

Consistent for the most part and back in business last time. Must raise her game again
Owner: S Douaneau
Prize Money: €33,450

F 2200m 4 S Douaneau
S Douaneau
3aDa3a5a4a171aDa 26.0 64.0

11 (11)
Eclipse De La Lune FR

Sanctioned recently after promising comeback run. More to do - outsider
Owner: P M Roux
Prize Money: €40,060

F 2200m 4 M Gilard
M Gilard
Da2a176a9a5a1aDaDaDa 85.0 133.0

12 (12)
Etoile Du Puy FR

Got off the mark in early February and ran well to finish 2nd last time. Has earning potential
Owner: V Swimberghe
Prize Money: €21,280

F 2200m 4 E Hernot
E Hernot
2a7a8a1a7a5a176a6a4a 21.0 29.0

13 (13)
Edene Valmont FR

Has performed only moderately this term and is not a priority here. Unlikley
Owner: P Reix
Prize Money: €38,430

F 2200m 4 J P Maillard
E Szirmay
7a9a9a171aDa0a5a0a8a 12.0 28.0

14 (14)
Escorte Vrie FR

Long-time maiden who is rarely beaten far. Could pop up into a place but inspires no confidence
Owner: R Baudron
Prize Money: €42,260

F 2200m 4 M P Le Beller
R Baudron
Da8a6a175a6a4a5a6a4a 22.0 47.0

15 (15)
Evita De Reux FR

Useful sort when applied but may need comeback outing. Races shod so is an unlikely threat
Owner: Ecurie Ld-M Abrivard
Prize Money: €73,800

F 2200m 4 J Et Abrivard
M Abrivard
179a1a1aDa2a4a6aDa 58.0 65.0

16 (16)
Eliza Bella FR

Winner on her comeback and raised her game when following up with a good 2nd last time. Player
Owner: Ecurie D M Mottier
Prize Money: €23,270

F 2200m 4 A Kloess
D Mottier
2a1a179aDa3a4aDa4a2a 9.4 5.0


17 (17)
Emeraude FR

Consistent performer this term and can never be ignored. More to do but not without a chance
Owner: Ecurie Vincel
Prize Money: €14,230

F 2200m 4 V Viel
V Viel
3a2a5a172a6aDmDm0m5m 18.0 38.0

18 (18)
Etoile De Varville FR

Consistent for the most part and back in business last time. Must raise her game again
Owner: Mlle M Lecourt
Prize Money: €16,390

F 2200m 4 S J L Tessier
F Delanoe
3a8a1a175a6a0a0a0a5a 67.0 72.0

Paris Turf

(9) ESTEBANE SACHA is now beginning to fulfill her promise and she can complete hat-trick of wins as she continues on her upward curve. She is temperamental though and in-form (6) EROXANE DU VIVIER could up the pieces were the selection to fluff her lines. (16) ELIZA BELLA has returned in good form and could also get a look in.

Selection: 9-6-16-4-17