16 Apr 2018 7:40 Moulins Montlucon Handicap

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  • Race Distance:2800 m
  • No. of Runners:12 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 15000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 19:10 19:42


1 (11)
Ball De Touzaine FR

A little ability in eight maiden runs but much more required today to figure
Owner: Mme A Jandard/s Eveno
Prize Money: €19,505

G 7/60.0 R C Montenegro
S Eveno
200 166h7p2p157p3p4p145p 32.0 38.0

2 (8)
Queen Of Holy GB

Half a dozen wins from fifty eight and does look competitive on best form
Owner: V Durot
Prize Money: €83,325

F 7/59.5 A Larue
E Vagne
195 9p4p178p0p0p1p2p5p6p 12.0 10.0

3 (3)
Notorious Imperial FR

Remains a maiden after twenty one and seems to be regressing if anything
Owner: D Bismuth
Prize Money: €14,995

G 5/58.5 J Claudic
N Milliere
185 0p176p0p5p9p0p162p6p 7.3 12.0

4 (12)
Zalayouni FR

Six time winner from forty two. Good form this term and could be the likely winner
Owner: Jc Legesne
Prize Money: €99,080

G 6/58.0 A Crastus
C Boutin
180 6p2p1p2p3p177p8p0p8p 5.9 4.1


5 (2)
Vardaris IRE

Half a dozen wins from seventy nine and may get close to a place on best efforts
Owner: J Bertin
Prize Money: €103,600

G 8/57.5 A Fouassier
J Bertin
175 0p8p5p170p4p8p0p7p8p 21.0 28.0

6 (4)
Wolverine FR

Eight time winning veteran from well over a century of starts and not the worst in the field
Owner: Jp Vanden Heede
Prize Money: €234,975

G 11/57.5 Alex Roussel
H Billot
175 179p8p3p2p4p0p0p6p0p - -


7 (9)
Crystal Roc FR

Just the one win from twenty five but has been very consistent of late and has a fair chance
Owner: Jul phelippon
Prize Money: €40,650

G 9/57.0 R Thomas
J Phelippon
170 3p4p172p2p3p3p5p1p5p 2.7 2.6


8 (7)
Go Fast Blue FR

One success from thirty three and has a few questions to answer right now
Owner: P Chenu
Prize Money: €51,875

F 6/57.0 L Proietti
D Chenu
170 4p7p175p0p4p6p169p6p 21.0 35.0

9 (10)
Suhali FR

Thrice a victor from sixty five and went close here already this month. Chance
Owner: Mme M Philippon
Prize Money: €60,425

F 7/56.5 G Congiu
Mme R Philippon
165 3p3p8p170p8p7p2p7p1p 9.3 7.2


10 (1)
Miss Mary FR

A dual winner from thirty starts but form has been in a steady decline now
Owner: F Lagouche
Prize Money: €32,900

F 5/56.5 J Cabre
F Lagouche
165 0p6p170p0p4p3p8p6p0p 18.0 20.0

11 (5)
Service Gagnant FR

Twice a winner from seventy three runs but looks to be in stall mode for a time now
Owner: Rob Rob Collet
Prize Money: €83,955

G 7/55.0 S Maillot
Robert Collet
150 0p0p6p170p9p5p4p6p7p 9.2 11.0

12 (6)
Carentan FR

Thrice a scorer from thirty six but has had issues and others are readily preferred
Owner: Mme R Philippon
Prize Money: €74,615

F 7/55.0 Y Bonnefoy
Mme R Philippon
150 5p0p179p165p0p0p7p7p 34.0 60.0

Paris Turf

Not the most competitive of closers with only a few that can be seriously fancied for honours. (9) SUHALI may be the bet value option of those. She signalled her time might be close at hand with a good third here earlier in the month and is well handicapped. (4) ZALAYOUNI is the biggest threat of the others and will start favourite. (2) QUEEN OF HOLY and (7) CRYSTAL ROC won't be far away.

Selection: 9-4-2-7