14 March 2018 4:45 Laval La Societe Du Cheval Francais - Monte

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  • Race Distance:2875 m
  • No. of Runners: 18 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 30000
  • Race Type:Mounted
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age/Wgt Driver/Trainer Form 16:15 16:45


Vent D'Echal FR

24 races under the saddle and yet to get his head in front and in present form can be ruled out
Owner: Mlle Cl Minier
Prize Money: €163,770

G 2875m 9/57.0 Th Peltier
P Jannier
7m0a170m0a5m0a8m9a0a 48.0 91.0

Croix Du Buisson FR

Has taken particularly well to her new vocation. Never at her ease last time but can redeem herself
Owner: B Desmontils
Prize Money: €211,560

F 2875m 6/67.0 M Mottier
B Desmontils
Dm2m5m2m3m176a5a6a5a 9.3 10.0

Silverado Lux FR

Tough type with very good aptitude for the specialty. Drops back in class and should have a good hand to play
Owner: Scuderia Fast Horse Srl
Prize Money: €194,982

G 2875m 7/67.0 F Nivard
T Mouloudi
2a8m17Dm3m1a8a1m2m2m 11.0 13.0

Bill Please FR

Tough mare that did not displease on comeback at Vincennes and should not be too far off the mark this time
Owner: Ecurie D' Embeli
Prize Money: €189,840

F 2875m 7/55.0 A Rebeche
Mme E Beller
6m178m2m3m1m1mDm4m2m 26.0 24.0

Azur De Carina FR

Useful sort when applied but lacklustre on re-entry three weeks ago and has a lot more to find
Owner: Ecurie Goee|rard Rautureau
Prize Money: €210,360

G 2875m 8/67.0 A Wiels
Y Douin
9a17Dm7m8m2m2m2m1m1m 34.0 44.0

Voiseau Smiling FR

Has endured a catastrophic run over the past 18 months and can be written off
Owner: B Deslandes
Prize Money: €197,620

G 2875m 9/67.0 A Dabouis
B Deslandes
170m9m0m6m5m0a8m7m7a 64.0 144.0

Victoire De Cosse FR

Regularly acquits herself honourably in this code but a minor place chance at best here
Owner: A Leduc
Prize Money: €203,150

F 2875m 9/55.0 Mlle O Leduc
A Leduc
5m3m6m176mDm0a4m9aDa 22.0 30.0

Coco De Rocha FR

Has been very hard to fault in this code all season. Benefits from a weight advantage and should impose
Owner: L Chemin
Prize Money: €206,820

G 2875m 6/57.0 A Angot
J Bruneau
5m9a3m1m4m171m1m2m8a 6.2 4.5


This Is It FR

Not the most dependable but has considerable talent. Pleased on only appearance under the saddle and with a top jockey on board could pick up a cheque
Owner: Stall Panamera Racing
Prize Money: €204,551

F 2875m 7/67.0 A Barrier
B Goop
0a2a1a178aDa2mDa1aDa 7.2 8.7

Ariane D'And FR

Has done nothing to write home about since January 2017 and will have no realistic chance
Owner: F Furet
Prize Money: €209,600

F 2875m 8/67.0 Cl Frecelle
F Furet
9m6m0m9m170a6m0a0a9m 31.0 40.0

Ange Karlann FR

Boasts a superb record in this code and under these conditions can make a big impact
Owner: Ph Serizot
Prize Money: €214,360

G 2875m 8/57.0 Mlle L Drapier
K Champenois
2m0a173m1m0a1m1m8a1m 10.0 11.0

Abo Star FR

Made a respectable return at Cordemais last week but still has his work cut out
Owner: S Le Cerf
Prize Money: €220,280

G 2875m 8/67.0 M Barre
S Cerf
6m179mDaDmDmDa2m9mDa 64.0 103.0

Acteur Du Hamel FR

Is proven at the venue but has been off the boil since the autumn and must reaffirm
Owner: Mme Mauricette De Sousa
Prize Money: €222,060

G 2875m 8/55.0 R Marty
L Cl Abrivard
6m170m0m0m5m0a2m2m2m 38.0 64.0

Coffee D'ostal FR

Serious trotter that failed to fire in Paris recently but is barefoot for the first time and should make amends
Owner: Ecurie Pascal Geslin
Prize Money: €229,310

G 2875m 6/67.0 F Prioul
P A Geslin
9m1m6m174m5m1m2m2m6m 13.0 11.0

Baron Du Bourg FR

Never easy to knock when unshod. Is currently in excellent shape and can make the frame
Owner: J G Van Eeckhaute
Prize Money: €239,530

G 2875m 7/67.0 A Abrivard
J G Eeckhaute
6m1m3mDa2m171m5m0m4m 8.0 5.9


Vedette Americaine FR

Modest individual and not easy to like in this code. No threat
Owner: G Baldini
Prize Money: €219,950

F 2875m 9/67.0 F Desmigneux
S Guelpa
0a176a6aDm0a6aDa6aDa 67.0 131.0

Primula Brazza' FR

Returns from a spell. Here for conditioning reasons and can be passed over
Owner: Scuderia Dell'acquario
Prize Money: €213,851

F 2875m 9/67.0 R Joly
M Monaco
170a5a0a0a0a4a0a1a0a 89.0 163.0

Beppe Am FR

Blows hot and cold but has ample talent. Makes his ridden debut unshod all four and with Matthieu Abrivard on board must be respected
Owner: Stall Chikh
Prize Money: €226,741

G 2875m 7/67.0 M Abrivard
B Goop
8a2a1a178a8a1a3a 6.9 6.7


Turfcom race preview

(8) COCO DE ROCHA has been in cracking form at Vincennes since the start of the meeting. He goes barefoot again and the weight advantage should give him the edge over (14) COFFEE D'OSTAL who goes barefoot for the first time in a bid to redeem himself for his recent clinker. (15) BARON DU BOURG has nothing to prove at this level and with hind shoes off this time also looks a player. (11) ANGE KARLANN rarely disappoints under the saddle - he comes here fresh and with a legitimate chance of making the frame. The talented (18) BEPPE AM gets his first crack at this code and with a top jockey on board can be assured a competitive ride.

Selection: 8-14-15-11-18