14 March 2018 3:35 Laval Trois Provinces - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2850 m
  • No. of Runners: 16 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 6000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 15:05 15:35


Baccarat Des Loges FR

Appears to have found his niche at this level. Stays shod but should not be far off the mark
Owner: J S Cormy
Prize Money: €54,180

G 2850m 7 A Manta
J S Cormy
0a3a172a1a6a6a4a3a7a - -


Blue Du Louvet FR

Complicated type but got straight down to business on comeback late last month and with application will have his chances
Owner: Ecurie Renoee| Kergueris
Prize Money: €55,710

G 2850m 7 H Jouault
S T Deshayes
1a17DaDa2a8mDaDa0m16 27.0 19.0

Adelesse Delgy FR

Useful type in this class but off the track since mid-October and unlikely to shake things up
Owner: Stoee|phane Prat
Prize Money: €48,030

F 2850m 8 S Prat
Stephane Prat
17Ta5a1a2a6a9a8a7a5a 65.0 82.0

Bel Antoine FR

Faithful campaigner that impressed on comeback at Strasbourg on Sunday and backs up with a decent chance of picking up some stake-money
Owner: P Ujkaj
Prize Money: €48,210

G 2850m 7 Th Huchede
P Ujkaj
2a17Dm4a3m4a3aDaDaDa 27.0 18.0

Blue Chip Ecus FR

Has failed to make it around unscathed in last three. Second start back and not easy to trust
Owner: Mlle L Pacha
Prize Money: €41,810

F 2850m 7 A Pacha
Nils Pacha
Da17DaDa7aDa5aDa7a0a 37.0 72.0

A Bord D'isques FR

Seldom gets his head in front but regularly gives his best. Minor place chance at most though
Owner: Mme A Rogy
Prize Money: €41,415

G 2850m 8 M G Lemarchand
Mme A Rogy
6a3a0a5a17Ra3a7a9aDa 31.0 27.0

Balzac Du Clos FR

Blows hot and cold but is confirmed in the category. Starts on the front line and must be afforded respect
Owner: S Bazire
Prize Money: €41,590

G 2850m 7 F X Mary
S Bazire
0a2a170a9a8a1a1aDa2a 19.0 10.0


Becasse Du Buisson FR

Respectable mare but has not been seen out since the autumn and is unlikely to influence the result
Owner: B Desmontils
Prize Money: €61,300

F 2875m 7 C Baty
B Desmontils
174aDaDa4a5a6a4a0a16 - -


Apache Fosca FR

Pleased in three of four this year. Finished third in a similar event at Vincennes two weeks ago and even though on the second row this time will still have his supporters
Owner: Ecurie Foskaleo
Prize Money: €69,850

G 2875m 8 D Maucourt
J Cl Maucourt
3a5a0a4a170a0a0a7a4a 22.0 21.0

Beowulf D'olyquer FR

Delicate sort that tends to show more on turf. Unraced since early October and no chance
Owner: Martial Viel
Prize Money: €84,360

G 2875m 7 A Marchaux
Martial Viel
176aDa2aDa4aDaDa0m6a 107.0 179.0

Ascot Barbes FR

Previously a respectable sort but has not raced since October 2015. Front shoes off first back though and should not be underestimated
Owner: Cl J Morin
Prize Money: €66,750

G 2875m 8 Cl J Morin
Arnaud Morin
17Ra150aDa0a3aDm6a14 26.0 27.0

Abel FR

Has failed to recapture any semblance of form since his long layoff and can be ruled out
Owner: Ph Beileard
Prize Money: €78,550

G 2875m 8 I Jublot
P H Beileard
0a0a170a160a4a6a151a 44.0 88.0

Vive Le Loufiat FR

Much better horse in the other code and in current shape already looks an also-ran
Owner: Ch Sorieux
Prize Money: €67,630

G 2875m 9 Ch Sorieux
Ch Sorieux
7aDa0m7aDa173m4m4m1m 89.0 155.0

Baxter Street FR

Somewhat erratic but won a class E smartly last month and although 25m worse off this time still looks a player
Owner: Ecurie Soee|bastien Hardy
Prize Money: €75,860

G 2875m 7 A Favris
S Hardy
1a0m7a171a7a7m3a7a0a 11.0 5.9


Virginia Rush FR

Seldom fails to fire in the amateur category but the back-line start does her prospects no favours
Owner: F Guinhut
Prize Money: €103,370

F 2900m 9 A Sinenberg
F Guinhut
0a5a6a1a174a4a8a0a3a 28.0 50.0

Valbert De Waldam FR

Remarkably consistent trotter that has won his last twelve starts. Renders 50m this time but given how well he won at La Capelle last week can make it a baker's dozen
Owner: G Dezoteux
Prize Money: €105,000

G 2900m 9 Mlle J Gorain
J M Gorain
1a1a1a1a171a1a1a1a1a 1.3 1.6


Turfcom race preview

(16) VALBERT DE WALDAM is a veritable metronome that keeps on adding victories to his tally. He won with authority at La Capelle last time and although giving away 50m on this occasion can nonetheless prevail. (14) BAXTER STREET drops back in class following a facile win at Pont-Chateau and starting 25m in front stands him in good stead. After a disappointing effort late January (7) BALZAC DU CLOS finds himself on the first line here and looks to have a good hand to play. (11) ASCOT BARBES is unshod in front after a long layoff and could add a little spice to the mix. (1) BACCARAT DES LOGES has a good record at this level and cannot be discounted.

Selection: 16-14-7-11-1