13 Mar 2018 3:40 Chantilly Haras Au Bois Stakes

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  • Race Distance:1900 m
  • No. of Runners:10 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 18000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Fibresand
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 15:10 15:40


1 (10)
Cork FR

Course winner at this level off a higher mark. Chance if race ready
Owner: Mme S Gulcher
Prize Money: €55,830

G 5/62.0 C Pacaut
W Gulcher
295 179p5p1p9p2p2p8p0p3p 13.0 10.0

2 (8)
Postman FR

Disappointed last time but is better than that run suggests. Not without a chance
Owner: Pegasus Bloodstock Ltd
Prize Money: €36,850

G 5/61.0 J Moutard
S Cerulis
295 0p2p2p177p0p5p0p1p0p 8.9 6.1

3 (2)
Monsieur Bandido FR

Is better than recent effort suggests. Capable of posing a threat on best form
Owner: Ec Jaeckin/mme S Heumer
Prize Money: €36,600

G 4/60.0 A Hamelin
Van De Poele (s)
290 0p176p0p2p0p0p1p0p8p 8.2 10.0

4 (9)
New Amsterdam FR

Returned to form at this track in a claimer last time out. Chance again back in a handicap
Owner: C Pellegatti/l Biffi/a&g Botti
Prize Money: €44,720

G 5/59.0 A Chesneau
A&G Botti
285 3p0p4p172p5p0p0p5p8p 7.9 4.1


5 (5)
Spectacular City FR

Capable of earning on best form though recent efforts inspire little confidence
Owner: Mme N Carrie-eychenne
Prize Money: €167,090

F 9/58.5 M Michel
F Foresi
280 7p0p0p4p172p8p5p7p9p 5.0 6.1


6 (7)
Pont Neuilly FR

Showed signs of a return to form last time. Can feature if building on that effort
Owner: H De Nicolay
Prize Money: €240,810

M 8/58.0 M Guyon
H De Nicolay
290 5p0p170p2p0p3p6p7p8p 3.2 4.7


7 (4)
Scheller FR

Inconsistent end to 2017 and may need first outing back after a long layoff
Owner: Stall Kontiqua
Prize Money: €70,890

G 10/58.0 E Hardouin
M Keller
- 177p4p0p4p1p0p5p168p 15.0 26.0

8 (6)
Soryu FR

In good form at a lower since returning this year. Needs to do more now
Owner: Mme N Lambert/r Lambert
Prize Money: €38,400

G 5/56.0 T Bachelot
Mme S Weis
285 3p4p170p162p9p3p0p6p 7.4 7.0

9 (1)
Elevaz IRE

Poor recent form is probably reflective of his chances. Others preferred
Owner: C Le Veel
Prize Money: €7,750

F 5/54.5 L Grosso
C Le Veel
- 170p0p9p0p0p168p5p4p 24.0 43.0

10 (3)
Courdemanche FR

Owner: Mlle L Lenglart
Prize Money: €9,400

F 4/54.5 Non Partant
Mlle L Lenglart
290 2p176p2p0p2p - -


Paris Turf

None of these inspire any confidence but it may worth siding with (6) PONT NEUILLY who showed signs of improvement last time and will be partnered by Maxime Guyon. (5) SPECTACULAR CITY is better than recent efforts suggest and could pose a threat if reproducing best form. (3) MONSIEUR BANDIDO fits a similar profile.

Selection: 6-5-3-1