13 March 2018 7:45 Cagnes-sur-Mer La Romanche - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2950 m
  • No. of Runners: 16 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 18000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 19:15 19:48


Bilbao D'Ecajeul FR

Has been flying high all winter at he venue. Has every chance from the front row
Owner: Mme Mauricette De Sousa
Prize Money: €84,940

G 2925m 7 V Goussard
R Derieux
1a3m2a17Da2a5a8a6a0a 7.6 5.4


Balzac De Carel FR

Never in sight on comeback run ten days ago. Major improvement needed
Owner: Mlle E Jousset
Prize Money: €62,520

G 2925m 7 Mlle V Vachie
R Mourice
9a174aDaDa1a3aDm2a6a 30.0 30.0

Carla D'Atout FR

Blows hot and cold but ran well on sole start over track & trip. Enters the equation
Owner: Ecurie Sylvain Roubaud
Prize Money: €86,355

F 2925m 6 C Toussaint
J M Roubaud
0a2aDa3a175aDa0a9aDa 23.0 19.0

Bise Delo FR

Useful mare under the saddle but appears to have her work cut out here
Owner: J Miege
Prize Money: €113,130

F 2925m 7 Mlle M Lable
K Thonnerieux
9a9m5mDa2m9m174a6a2a 41.0 45.0

Bouquet De Tillard FR

Returns from a four months absence and is best to be watched
Owner: K Thonnerieux
Prize Money: €81,550

M 2925m 7 N Paleau
K Thonnerieux
176a6a4a8aDaDa7a5a2a 79.0 73.0

6 A
Connecticut FR

Has gone cold in last two starts. Never made the frame in three starts at the venue
Owner: Ecurie Des Charmes
Prize Money: €94,240

M 2925m 6 S Godon
Y A Briand
Da0m2aDm9a5m174m7aDa 25.0 40.0

Albano FR

Not much room for maneuver but is well-entered on the front row and cannot be ruled out
Owner: Thierry Lafaye
Prize Money: €107,630

G 2925m 8 Alexis Lerenard
Mickael Cormy
4a171a4a0a8a4a1a1a2a 14.0 8.7

Coco D'Argent FR

Won two from three this term. Ideally entered on the front row. Expected to feature prominently
Owner: F Mauriet
Prize Money: €94,740

G 2925m 6 Mme L Asselie
M Hanquier
0a1a1a174a7a0a9a1a6a 5.6 7.5

Cyber De Souvigne FR

Has shown signs of resurgence since trained in South-East France and must be hugely respected
Owner: G Simon
Prize Money: €85,270

G 2950m 6 M Izzo
M Lenoir
2a4a3a7a173a7a8a9a6a 3.8 3.9


Aramis Gede FR

Resumes after a three months layoff and is likely to need the run
Owner: Ecurie Uroz
Prize Money: €73,180

G 2950m 8 I Krouchi
J Uroz
172a0a8a2aaa2aDaDaDa 24.0 44.0

Banco Barbes FR

Has not run for almost 15 months and can confidently be passed over
Owner: A F Bigeon
Prize Money: €89,170

G 2950m 7 Mlle O Briand
Y A Briand
Ra160a8m4a4a0a1m4aDm 21.0 51.0

Costa D'occagnes FR

Has failed to leave her mark in three starts this term and is unlikely to influence the outcome
Owner: Ph Joyeux
Prize Money: €143,600

F 2950m 6 K Devienne
J M Roubaud
8aDa5a178a1a9aDaDa8a 10.0 11.0

13 A
Couleur De Star FR

Not sighted on both starts since last July. Fully shod and others are preferred
Owner: Ecurie Des Charmes
Prize Money: €66,120

F 2950m 6 M Bailet
Y A Briand
0a177aDa3a6a7a4a1a6a 104.0 133.0

Bouquet Fleuri FR

Beaten a long way last time out at the venue. Two wins from 73 starts. Best to watch
Owner: Cl Zunn
Prize Money: €76,060

G 2950m 7 Mme Laetitia Gout
C L Zunn
0a6a5a177a4a3a2a9a6a 54.0 117.0

Bright De Banville FR

Improved last run at the venue but it was over one mile. Extra-trip will do no favor
Owner: Christopher Vassallo
Prize Money: €80,310

G 2950m 7 G J Gruson
C H Degiorgio
4a7aDa174a9m5a6a8a4a 35.0 62.0

Cesar D'Erah FR

Sound winner of a class F over course & distance latest. Expected to confirm
Owner: J Soto
Prize Money: €100,520

G 2950m 6 A Fantauzza
D Alexandre
1a4mDaDaDa6m17Dm0a6a 6.8 5.4


Coupling A 20.0 30.0

Paris Turf

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