13 March 2018 5:00 Cagnes-sur-Mer La Vendee - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2925 m
  • No. of Runners: 18 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 26000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 16:30 17:02


Abricot Du Bugey FR

Capable sort in the amateur division but remains erratic and others make more appeal
Owner: Christophe Bache
Prize Money: €115,000

G 2925m 8 D Bekaert
N Mourot
Da0a1a17DaDa1a1a4a8a 21.0 21.0

Andy Love Richer FR

Good last efforts were on turf. Unlikely to make an impact
Owner: Ludovic Bonnafoux
Prize Money: €82,430

G 2925m 8 D Locqueneux
J Denechere
8a5a0a17DaDa0a169a4a 7.8 4.0


Beau Mec Du Vif FR

Not disgraced last time at Hyeres but needs to do more to win here. Look elsewhere
Owner: D Chavinas
Prize Money: €55,640

G 2925m 7 Th Guillaume
D Chavinas
4a9a176a9aDaDa6a2a7a 34.0 44.0

Baqualito Mag FR

Got back in the game nicely at Lyon latest and is not out of it today either
Owner: M Agostini
Prize Money: €63,230

G 2925m 7 P Callier
P Callier
2a174a5a2a0a0a6a6a1a 10.0 10.0

Baby Boom FR

Not sighted on comeback run at Hyeres. All shoes on and best to watch
Owner: M Castellano
Prize Money: €56,080

G 2925m 7 R Gout
E Gout
0a179a4mDa5a8a5mDm5m 73.0 199.0

6 A
Blacky De Cambron FR

Lightly raced last season. Back on top of his game at present and has every chance once again
Owner: G Laumesfelt
Prize Money: €121,520

G 2925m 7 N Mourot
N Mourot
1a3a178a6a3a4aDa162a 9.2 5.2


Busis FR

Made a promising return to action at Le Croise-Laroche last time and deserves some attention
Owner: Ecurie Du Grand Buisson
Prize Money: €100,450

G 2925m 7 F Nivard
F Leblanc
4a178aDm3aDa0a9a8a16 3.3 3.4


Best Of You FR

Runner-up at 59/1 in an amateur race last time at the venue. Expected to follow up
Owner: F Beauvalot
Prize Money: €55,650

G 2925m 7 D Cinier
D Cinier
2a0mDa17Da3a0a1aDaDa 13.0 16.0

Atout Paris FR

Off since June last year and although is well-entered on the front row can be watched
Owner: Mlle G Ambrogio
Prize Money: €62,785

G 2925m 8 I Krouchi
J Uroz
170a2a0a7a3a5a0a160a 50.0 139.0

Acrobat Welcome FR

Has been struggling for some time now and not likely to improve
Owner: Ecurie Romuald Mourice
Prize Money: €78,980

G 2950m 8 R Mourice
R Mourice
Dm9aDa17Da0aDa0a0a9a 47.0 144.0

Authentic Charm FR

Has often been sidelined over the past 2 years. Was well in the race when disqualified here last time
Owner: Mme Mauricette De Sousa
Prize Money: €98,280

G 2950m 8 R Le Vexier
R Derieux
Da5a0a170a0a160a4aDa 37.0 95.0

Amigo Du Vivier FR

Returns from a four months absence. All shoes on and best to pass over
Owner: Mme P Cayrier
Prize Money: €104,920

G 2950m 8 J Guelpa
J Guelpa
176a0a6a2aDa6a1a0a9a 32.0 79.0

13 A
Aristo Vici FR

Has enjoyed a fruitful second part of the season last year. Returns from a 6 months spell
Owner: G Laumesfelt
Prize Money: €113,420

G 2950m 8 A Fantauzza
D Alexandre
173a2a8a3a4a5a3a5a4a - -


Agile Julry FR

Down the field on sole run last year. Has a 8 1/2 months absence to overcome
Owner: Ecurie Julry
Prize Money: €102,240

M 2950m 8 J P Gauvin
J P Gauvin
170a16Da4a3a9aDm2a0a 46.0 148.0

Amadeus Des Obeaux FR

Capable sort in this division. Will come on from last run. One to watch closely
Owner: Ecurie Degiorgio
Prize Money: €104,830

G 2950m 8 C H C Degiorgio
C H Degiorgio
Da2a2a174a9a5a7a7a6a 12.0 17.0

Amigo Kuky FR

Not devoid of ability but remains inconsistent and others make more appeal
Owner: F Criado
Prize Money: €134,660

G 2950m 8 Anthony Laigron
A Laigron
0a170a7a2a7a7a8a1a7a 31.0 99.0

Big Boss Du Jas FR

Not without a certain amount of ability but disappointed in last two starts and needs to reaffirm
Owner: Y Hagege
Prize Money: €134,630

G 2950m 7 N Ensch
Y Hagege
9a8a3a17Dm1a5a2aDa8a 11.0 18.0

Azan D'Azif FR

Has long been struggling with form and although well-entered can be passed over
Owner: Mlle C Logier
Prize Money: €149,030

G 2950m 8 R Derieux
R Derieux
DaDa0a17GaDaDa7aDa6a 15.0 18.0

Coupling A 7.8 7.7

Paris Turf

The front row runners can have the edge in this line-up. (6) BLACKY DE CAMBRON was an easy winner of an identical contest at Grenade sur Garonne last January and is taken to follow-up. (7) BUSIS did not get the best of run at Le Croise and with Franck Nivard on board today he can make amends. (4) BAQUALITO MAG generally runs well going left-hand and enters the equation too.

Selection: 6-7-4-8-2