14 January 2018 1:30 Vincennes Chatelaillon-la Rochelle

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  • Race Distance:2850 m
  • No. of Runners: 10 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 48000
  • Race Type:Mounted
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age/Wgt Driver/Trainer Form 13:00 13:33


Bise Baroque FR

Has pleased in three of her last four and although at a higher level here could still get a look in
Owner: Ecurie Sebastien Hardy
Prize Money: €53,100

F 2850m 7/57.0 Mlle Noemie Hardy
S Hardy
2m170m2m4mDaDm0a7a5m 7.4 7.4

Arabole Du Varlet FR

One of the least productive horses in the field. Expectations exceeding reality
Owner: B Dupuis
Prize Money: €109,180

F 2850m 8/55.0 Mlle Ch Callico
M Dupuis
170m0m8m0a0a0a0a0a8a 49.0 75.0

Apharena Du Kiss FR

Often shows a lack of discipline but caught the eye at Nantes on Thursday and backs up with a realistic chance of going close
Owner: Th Mousseau
Prize Money: €111,470

F 2850m 8/55.0 V Saussaye
T H Mousseau
2m17Dm4m6a5aDaDmDmDm 6.3 4.4


Bombe De Caillons FR

Has done nothing of note in either code for some time and can be ruled out
Owner: Ecurie Jeloca
Prize Money: €108,270

F 2850m 7/55.0 Mlle Clara Dersoir
Mme C Hallais-dersoir
9m176m6m9mDa0m6m6m0a 8.7 15.0

Bali Du Pouet Doux FR

Has established credentials in the discipline. Drops back in class after a modest effort in a Class C but front shoes off this time and should figure prominently
Owner: Y Langenaeken
Prize Money: €134,160

F 2850m 7/57.0 Mlle Charlotte Lefebvre
Mme G Masschaele
0m173m5m9a3m5mDm4m8a 5.1 4.4


Balade Danover FR

Made her ridden debut in a G.I at 184-1 last February. Tends to show more in the amateur division under harness and chances limited
Owner: Ecurie Danover
Prize Money: €122,080

F 2850m 7/55.0 A Rebeche
S T Provoost
174a0aDa1a0a2aDa1a7a 18.0 14.0

Bahia Josselyn FR

Unreliable mare that was sanctioned on her lone ridden outing and will endear herself to few
Owner: L Gauthier
Prize Money: €152,780

F 2850m 7/55.0 P Geray
S Hardy
170a4a9a2a6a9a8a6a1a 16.0 21.0

Ambiance Du Loisir FR

Useful in this branch of the game and makes her return to Vincennes with a decent hand to play
Owner: Ecurie De Villabon
Prize Money: €178,340

F 2850m 8/55.0 M Grumetz
L Lerenard
176a1a0aDa6a7a6a167a 14.0 23.0

Actrice Revee FR

Complicated but useful sort under harness. Currently in form and makes her first foray into the ridden code with legitimate ambition
Owner: Ecurie Jean Franois Popot
Prize Money: €137,970

F 2850m 8/55.0 Mlle M Collet
J F Popot
173aDaDa5a5aDaDa4a2a 5.4 5.4


Bise D'olitro FR

Sanctioned in both appearances under the saddle but is well-regarded and in this modest bunch could find herself playing a leading role
Owner: Mme C Lustiere
Prize Money: €144,280

F 2850m 7/57.0 J Balu
J Boillereau
Da177a7a0a8aDaDm6a7a 5.3 6.0

Paris Turf

(9) ACTRICE REVEE is a difficult sort at the best of times but she is not without merit and if ability transitions could get straight off the mark in this code. (10) BISE D'OLITRO's two starts under the saddle came to nothing however in this motley crew she could well play an active role. (5) BALI DU POUET DOUX acquits herself competitively for the most part and with front shoes off this time can put her recent flop behind her. (3) APHARENA DU KISS left a good impression at Nantes three days ago and connections confident she can maintain form.

Selection: 9-10-5-3