14 January 2018 1:15 Lyon La Soie Parc Des Prealpes D'azur

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  • Race Distance:2700 m
  • No. of Runners: 18 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 17000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 12:45 13:18


Dixie De Piervive FR

Has been really struggling recently and needs major improvement to win
Owner: A Andrieux-Chanet
Prize Money: €40,430

F 2700m 5 F Jamard
R Despres
7a17Da8aDa8aDaDaDa8m 12.0 20.0

2 A
Daumesnil FR

Capable of betetr than last run and should have a big chance in this line-up
Owner: J Davet
Prize Money: €52,740

M 2700m 5 J Huguet
J Huguet
179a3a4a1a9a16Da6a5a 7.1 3.6


Dandy De Melodie FR

Did well to be runner-up in latest start. Has a chance if repeating that run
Owner: Ecurie Aurmath
Prize Money: €45,070

G 2700m 5 A Bonnefoy
A Bonnefoy
2a17DaDa4a6a7aDa0a8a 24.0 25.0

Dynastie FR

Has only won once but was not disgraced when third last time out and could place
Owner: Ecurie Comte P De Montesson
Prize Money: €54,880

F 2700m 5 Martin Cormy
Mickael Cormy
173a0a8a5a0a6a6a2a7a 12.0 20.0

Dream Du Rabutin FR

Distance suited and won latest start. Could contest the finish once again
Owner: Ecurie Du Rabutin
Prize Money: €35,800

M 2700m 5 P Callier
G R Huguet
1a17Da4a4a4a2a1a 5.3 4.4


Dolly D'Amour FR

Battling to win but was not disgraced when runner-up in latest start. Can place
Owner: M M Triomphe
Prize Money: €19,340

F 2700m 5 F J Peltier
M M Triomphe
172aDa3a5a9a9a7a0a7a 19.0 13.0

Douceur Divine FR

Modest recent form and needs to find a few lengths to win this race. Others preferred
Owner: B Cury
Prize Money: €27,395

F 2700m 5 A Cury
B Cury
179a8a9a6a9a3aDaDa2a 42.0 101.0

Drole D'emotion FR

Modest recent form. More needed to win but could yet play a minor role
Owner: Mlle M Gobet
Prize Money: €21,190

F 2700m 5 J Boillereau
G Raffestin
175a0a7a7a5aDa5a5a0a 15.0 19.0

9 B
Danse De La Vallee FR

Has been struggling for some time now and needs major improvement to win
Owner: P Labrousse
Prize Money: €19,630

F 2700m 5 P Labrousse
P Labrousse
17Dm0a8a0a8aDa6a8a8a 18.0 76.0

Dune Nelger FR

Modest last three runs. Could be fitter now but needs to improve to win
Owner: Joris Filograsso
Prize Money: €25,610

F 2725m 5 J Filograsso
Joris Filograsso
170aDa8a2aDa4a4a1aDa 94.0 104.0

Daryl Impey FR

Unreliable but does pop in the places every now and again. Place chance
Owner: Ecurie G E Bouyer
Prize Money: €33,260

G 2725m 5 G Bouyer
E Bouyer
Da173aDa3a9a7a7aDa7a 43.0 65.0

12 C
Dalaga FR

has done well at this track and should be given a winning chance in the race
Owner: Ecurie Des Atiaux
Prize Money: €69,810

F 2725m 5 M Busset
M Busset
177a2aDa3a8a8aDa8a5a 57.0 89.0

Diu De Taverna FR

Last win was in 2016 and recent form is only modest. Others are preferred
Owner: Ecurie Martial Gauvin
Prize Money: €35,570

G 2725m 5 Martial Gauvin
Martial Gauvin
170aDa5a8a6a0aDa16Dm 79.0 104.0

14 C
Dynamic La Borie FR

Runner-up in latest which was over this course and distance. Deserves respect
Owner: Ecurie Des Atiaux
Prize Money: €53,360

G 2725m 5 Mme S Busset
M Busset
172a6m2m7a0a6a2m9a6a 31.0 83.0

15 B
Dionysos La Couy FR

Battling to regain form but cannot be dismissed away completely. Can upset
Owner: P Labrousse
Prize Money: €63,240

M 2725m 5 Th Lemoine
P Labrousse
17Dm6aDaDa5a2a5a2a5a 16.0 57.0

Dolce Vita Fac FR

Bounced back to win latest start. Distance suited and could fight it out
Owner: Ecurie Fac
Prize Money: €58,030

F 2725m 5 C j De Leeuw
C j Leeuw
1a173a7a4a5a0a7a6a3a 5.5 3.8


Double Impact FR

Improved last run in a Mounted race. More needed to win this race. Can place
Owner: Th Lecuyer
Prize Money: €45,750

G 2725m 5 G Touron
G Touron
4m179m6a5a7a2a6a2a3a 21.0 40.0

18 A
Dynamique FR

Best recent form were in Mounted races. One to watch this time but could place
Owner: J Davet
Prize Money: €48,450

G 2725m 5 L Lamaziere
J Huguet
17am2m8a7m9a1m8mDa9a 15.0 45.0

Coupling A 4.8 3.3
Coupling B 8.6 32.0
Coupling C 20.0 43.0

Turfcom race preview

(2) DAUMESNIL was not at his best last time out but usually goes well right handed. He was third here on his penultimate start and racing barefoot today he is the selection to make it career win number three. (5) DREAM DU RABUTIN was a winner at Saint-Galmier seven days ago and cannot be ruled out. (16) DOLCE VITA FAC and (3) DANDY DE MELODIE are also contenders here. (18) DYNAMIQUE is next best.

Selection: 2-5-16-3-18