14 January 2018 11:45 Lyon La Soie Parc De Port-cros

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  • Race Distance:2700 m
  • No. of Runners: 18 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 18000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 11:33 11:46


Cherry Love Jam FR

Fit Barefoot and in good form lately. Should be the one to beat in this line-up
Owner: K Thonnerieux
Prize Money: €36,480

F 2700m 6 K Thonnerieux
K Thonnerieux
172a4a1a7m3a4aDa2aDa 4.5 3.9


Caty Des Genievres FR

Has been trying Mounted races recently without success. Likes this track. Might place
Owner: O Chene
Prize Money: €34,820

F 2700m 6 Th Lemoine
O Chene
17Dm4m9m0a0a8aDa5aDa 92.0 135.0

Chamar D'ici FR

Well tried without winning in 2017. Returns from a brealk and could need this run
Owner: Ch Carpentier
Prize Money: €39,020

G 2700m 6 F J Peltier
F Carpentier
176a8a5a4a0a9a5a7a0a 43.0 66.0

Cybele D'hermes FR

Won a race at Vichy in June but has been struggling since then. Others preferred
Owner: Ecurie RéMy Despres
Prize Money: €61,810

F 2700m 6 R Despres
R Despres
170a7a4aDa0aDa1aDm0m 57.0 57.0

Bijou De Salvi FR

Returns from a break and does need to find a few lengths to win this race
Owner: A Dussud
Prize Money: €34,750

G 2700m 7 B Chourre
B Chourre
170a8a5a5a0a9a2a0a4a 82.0 97.0

Brise Des Ulmes FR

36 runs without a win and is unlikely to win this race either. Might place
Owner: M Brun
Prize Money: €62,180

F 2700m 7 M Brun
M Brun
177aDmDm8a3a4aDaDa2a 35.0 40.0

Chrono Atout FR

Capable of better than last two runs and does hold a winning chance in this line-up
Owner: Ulisse Tomaselli
Prize Money: €67,340

G 2700m 6 A Tomaselli
A Tomaselli
17DmDm2aDa5a3a1a2mDa 7.0 5.8


Cyrus De La Cour FR

Struggled ina Mounted race last time. Better in this sphere and must be considered
Owner: Mme Muriel Callier
Prize Money: €49,170

G 2700m 6 P Callier
P Callier
170m4a2a3a0a4aDa5aDa 16.0 20.0

Camel De La Comtee FR

Bounced back to form to win latest. Does not repeat runs but is not compleyely out of it
Owner: A Mastrolorito
Prize Money: €39,900

G 2700m 6 J Boillereau
G Presles
171a9aDm0a4a9a6a4a1a 9.0 9.8

Call Me Love FR

Did well in 2017 but has lost form recently. Needs to find a few lengths to win
Owner: G Raffestin
Prize Money: €81,930

G 2725m 6 G Raffestin
G Raffestin
179a0a7a4a1a1a2a7a2a 36.0 58.0

Caporal La Borie FR

Only modest form recently. Does well at this time of the year so can suprise
Owner: Ecurie Fac
Prize Money: €71,800

G 2725m 6 C j De Leeuw
C j Leeuw
175aDa9a9a4aDa2aDa0a 33.0 43.0

Bella Nova FR

Has not won for some time now and needs to improve on poor last run. Others preferred
Owner: A Bonnefoy
Prize Money: €89,120

F 2725m 7 A Bonnefoy
A Bonnefoy
178a2a3a0a2aaa6a7a6a 57.0 90.0

Bella De Vive FR

Poor last two runs and is returning from a break so others are preferred this time
Owner: G Verva
Prize Money: €74,120

F 2725m 7 S Peltier
G Verva
177aDa1a7a3a2a6a9a0a 25.0 34.0

Bellino De Bolero FR

Not disgraced when runner-up in latest start. has a winning chance on that
Owner: Ecurie Sebastien Hardy
Prize Money: €80,140

G 2725m 7 A Collette
S Hardy
172a5aDa5a9a1a6a9a2a 8.1 10.0

Be Serious FR

Has lost form completely and needs major improvement to win this race. Others preferred
Owner: Mme Corine Berger
Prize Money: €94,210

G 2725m 7 J Cuoq
J Cuoq
17DaDaDa9a7a7a4a6a3a 76.0 123.0

Blizzard De Farnay FR

Well beaten in latest start and needs to get back into peak fitness. More needed to win
Owner: P Labrousse
Prize Money: €73,520

G 2725m 7 P Labrousse
P Labrousse
170a0m8m2m2m2m2m8m0m 100.0 164.0

Clovis Du Val FR

Won latest and could follow up over a course and distance that should suit. Respect
Owner: R J Robin
Prize Money: €117,140

G 2725m 6 L Lamaziere
L Lamaziere
171a6a2a2a3a2aDa3a9a 6.1 4.9


Chouchou Loulou FR

Disappointing last run. Better this distance and is clearly not out of it
Owner: Ecurie Herv Chauve-laffay
Prize Money: €99,810

G 2725m 6 H Chauve-Laffay
H Chauve-Laffay
0a173a4a4a9aDa0a2a1a 7.9 7.6

Paris Turf

Runner up behind Delmonica at Marseille Vivaux last month (1) CHERRY LOVE JAM was a winner at Marseille Borely in January. In good form and unshod on all four today she looks the one to beat in the opening race. (7) CHRONO ATOUT is better than he has shown in his last two outings and cannot be ruled out. (17) CLOVIS DU VAL and (18) CHOUCHOU LOULOU are two more to consider. (14) BELLINO DE BOLERO is next best.

Selection: 1-7-17-18-14