13 January 2018 5:15 Vincennes Les Seniors Des Courses

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  • Race Distance:2100 m
  • No. of Runners: 16 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 45000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 16:45 17:18


1 (1)
Demon De Babel FR

Modest individual that seldom makes any impact at this level and is not about to break the mould
Owner: N Krouchi
Prize Money: €93,350

G 2100m 5 A Randon
A Randon
178a6m9mDm1m0a0mDaDa 128.0 145.0

2 (2)
Duc De Grimoult FR

Left a good impression on the long course late last month. Entrusted to Nivard this time and the 2-spot will not harm his chances
Owner: V Coligny
Prize Money: €79,120

G 2100m 5 F Nivard
V Coligny
175aDm4a4a8a2a5aDm7a 11.0 10.0

3 (3)
Dreamer Boy FR

Won over the inner track early November and recently set his personal best on the long course. Top spot behind the car and should play a leading role
Owner: Y Dreux
Prize Money: €132,760

M 2100m 5 Y Dreux
Y Dreux
4a17Da1a5a0aDaDa1a16 9.4 5.2


4 (4)
Djohn FR

Respectable type going barefoot for the first time. Currently in shape and could make his presence felt
Owner: J Davet
Prize Money: €85,575

G 2100m 5 G Gelormini
J Huguet
175a5aDa5a7a5a2a5aDa 11.0 12.0

5 (5)
Douglas Keryvon FR

Nothing to like on his formsheet since the summer and has no realistic chance
Owner: Y Guegan
Prize Money: €55,460

G 2100m 5 G Maillard
G Maillard
179a0a5a9a5a5a2aDa6a 39.0 73.0

6 (6)
Dragster Dikaria FR

Complicated type that has done nothing of note for 16 months and can be written off
Owner: S Sauvage
Prize Money: €76,280

G 2100m 5 D Thomain
F Boismartel
17DaDaDa8a7a7aDa0a4a 19.0 34.0

7 (7)
Disco Darling FR

Average trotter that has raced modestly here this meeting and can be ruled out
Owner: A Gokesch
Prize Money: €99,750

M 2100m 5 P Vercruysse
W Ruth
178a6a0a3aDaDa4a1aDa 25.0 39.0

8 (8)
Dystocik Jeloca FR

Useful sort over the shorter trips. Likes to lead from the front which should work to his advantage here
Owner: Ecurie Jeloca
Prize Money: €67,030

G 2100m 5 Mme C Hallais-Dersoir
Mme C Hallais-dersoir
176a4a7a2a1a5a9a0a9a 20.0 23.0

9 (9)
Destin D'haufor FR

Particularly solid since going barefoot. Can be excused his recent blip and despite the draw should figure prominently
Owner: Ecurie Christian Bigeon
Prize Money: €78,950

G 2100m 5 C H J Bigeon
C H Bigeon
178a1a6a0a3a1a163a7a 3.1 2.9


10 (10)
Diademe Du Cebe FR

Put in a surprisingly good effort over 2700m here on Tuesday and backs up with legitimate ambition
Owner: Ecurie Du Grand Buisson
Prize Money: €57,370

G 2100m 5 A Lamy
F Leblanc
4a4m17Da0a7a8aDa161a 7.4 9.0

11 (11)
Dirty Loving FR

Has made no impact here this winter and even going barefoot will still have too much to do
Owner: G Royer
Prize Money: €106,240

G 2100m 5 J Ph Monclin
C Tiger
177aDm0a2a3aDaDa6a0a 15.0 23.0

12 (12)
Dolavis FR

Racing modestly since the summer break and appears to have his work cut out
Owner: Th De Wazieres
Prize Money: €53,520

M 2100m 5 J F Senet
J F Senet
8a170a9a7a5aDa1a4a0a 20.0 46.0

13 (13)
Dorlic Du Palais FR

Has begun to show more in the ridden code of late and will have nothing to offer
Owner: P Danet
Prize Money: €64,550

G 2100m 5 P Danet
P Danet
175m3m6m2m0a5a2a0aDa 123.0 148.0

14 (14)
Django Gibus FR

Pleased during the autumn but out of the picture in both here recently and can be ruled out
Owner: Yannick Lucien Pierre
Prize Money: €55,950

G 2100m 5 A Lherete
Bert Lefevre
170aDa2a1aam7a4a4a4a 48.0 110.0

15 (15)
Destin Gede FR

Occasionally tricky but otherwise very hard to fault at present. Bazire has kept faith and can overcome the poor draw
Owner: Ecurie Sassier
Prize Money: €50,590

G 2100m 5 J M Bazire
M Sassier
2a173aDa1a8aDm5a6m2m 9.1 6.5


16 (16)
Dream Du Roussoir FR

Solid in three of last four here. Steps up in class though and the draw does him no favours
Owner: Ch Dreux
Prize Money: €69,190

G 2100m 5 Ch Dreux
C H Dreux
0a173a4a3aDa6a9a6aDa 57.0 115.0

Paris Turf

Although occasionally delicate (3) DREAMER BOY has shown his liking for the inner track and from the three-spot appears eminently capable of imposing. (9) DESTIN D'HAUFOR has been drawn wide but should still bounce back from his surprise clinker here mid-December. (15) DESTIN GEDE has not been blessed with a good draw either but in current shape is hard to ignore. (8) DYSTOCIK JELOCA is useful over this distance and if he can get to the front early will not be far off the mark. Nivard takes over on the well-positioned (2) DUC DE GRIMOULT and cannot be discounted.

Selection: 3-9-15-8-2