13 Jan 2018 4:30 Cagnes-sur-Mer D'annonciade Handicap

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  • Race Distance:1600 m
  • No. of Runners:18 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 19000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Fibresand
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 16:00 16:35


1 (5)
Jiosco IRE

Eight time winner from seventy five. Very busy but productive last season. Chance here
Owner: Mlle V Dissaux
Prize Money: €141,620

G 9/60.0 C Soumillon
Mlle V Dissaux
270 174p2p0p0p9p1p0p0p0p 6.9 4.0


2 (13)
Karynia FR

Thrice a winner from thirty two and was not spared either last year. Work to be done
Owner: Mme Sa Stark
Prize Money: €87,910

F 5/60.0 C Pacaut
J Parize
270 177p0p0p1p3p6p3p5p3p 23.0 15.0

3 (18) A
End Of Story FR

Six time winner from forty and maybe a place is best hope here today at a price
Owner: Mme N Carrie-eychenne
Prize Money: €131,340

F 5/60.0 F Foresi
F Foresi
270 175p6p8p1p3p6p7p0p0p 21.0 45.0

4 (8)
Eshaan IRE

Off the mark on eighth start at Pornichet last time and is unexposed looking
Owner: Ippotrust Stables
Prize Money: €20,218

G 5/60.0 F Veron
G Alimpinisis
270 171p5p0p6p0p1p5p0p1p 7.9 8.7


5 (7)
Ray Of Light IRE

Dual winner from sixteen and has a level of form to go close in this hot event
Owner: S Hoskins/t Wootton/n Barnett
Prize Money: €23,390

F 5/60.0 G Millet
J Reynier
270 174p3p9p2p9p2p1p0p3p 11.0 9.0

6 (2)
Camilla My Love IRE

Six time winner from twenty nine but does not have a profile to entice one in here
Owner: Mme J Proietti
Prize Money: €69,021

F 5/59.5 L Proietti
Mme J Proietti
265 17Ah8h1p0p4p0p3p0p1p 30.0 79.0

7 (17)
Fumata Bianca IRE

Five time winner from forty and was a good runner up last time at Pornichet so respected
Owner: B Rochette
Prize Money: €107,230

F 5/59.5 J Auge
P Monfort
265 172p0p7p6p5p3p2p4p1p 13.0 9.6

8 (6)
Grigri De Java FR

Five time winner from thirty eight and did it nicely at Marseille-Vivaux last month
Owner: Mme D Leguillon
Prize Money: €88,600

G 5/59.5 T Speicher
D Chenu
265 171p5p0p5p2p9p4p9p4p 18.0 20.0

9 (12)
Princess Emma FR

Thrice a winner from forty one and has the form to get some way competitive
Owner: Earl De La Belle Aumone
Prize Money: €78,450

F 5/59.5 T Piccone
S Jesus
265 175p8p4p2p4p1p0p0p7p 14.0 20.0

10 (15)
Asterion FR

Thrice a winner from twenty eight including penultimate run but can be hit and miss
Owner: Mme L Milley/c Escuder
Prize Money: €65,550

G 5/59.5 N Perret
C Escuder
265 170p1p2p0p0p3p0p0p4p 47.0 62.0

11 (14)
Mr Chuckles IRE

Just the one win from thirty and previous two starts at Deauville are poor
Owner: Bl Jones/b Dunn
Prize Money: €32,946

G 5/59.5 D Santiago
Mme G Rarick
265 170p0p3p5p2p3p2p4p4p 30.0 26.0

12 (9)
Fast Charlie IRE

Triple winner from forty nine and nice runner up at Deauville last time. Respected
Owner: Gl Ferron
Prize Money: €98,313

G 6/58.5 M Guyon
P Monfort
255 172p4p9p4p4p0p7p4p9p 5.4 5.5


13 (11)
Provision FR

Only one victory from twenty three starts and basically looks out of favour
Owner: Mme Jacques Rossi / Rossi Ch
Prize Money: €26,850

G 5/58.5 F Blondel
Cha Rossi
255 179p5p3p9p0p7p1p3p8p 33.0 32.0

14 (4) A
Bowling Green FR

Four time winner from fifty eight and could be on a fair enough mark nowadays
Owner: Mme N Carrie-eychenne
Prize Money: €127,540

G 7/57.5 R Thomas
F Foresi
245 175p6p3p2p2p2p3p2pTp 17.0 30.0

15 (16)
Mystical Prince FR

Still a maiden after thirty five runs and despite some good placed form is easily chucked out
Owner: P Faucampre
Prize Money: €56,740

G 5/57.5 C Lecoeuvre
J M Capitte
245 177p0p0p9p2p0p0p2p3p 28.0 59.0

16 (3)
Yosemite GB

Just the one win from twenty three and in reality has it all to do to trouble the judge
Owner: G Linsolas
Prize Money: €38,669

F 5/57.5 C Demuro
J Reynier
245 177p0p3p2p6p3p9p7p5p 21.0 31.0

17 (10)
Ice Cool FR

Made it win number nine from eighty nine at Toulouse last time and has a shout
Owner: Mme Mc Boutin
Prize Money: €188,990

G 9/57.0 M Michel
Boutin (s)
240 171p3p6p5p9p0p3p4p0p 14.0 20.0

18 (1)
Cardolan IRE

Very busy fourteen time winner but should not be adding to that haul here
Owner: F Bembo
Prize Money: €195,100

G 9/57.0 A Lustiere
F Bembo
240 170p8p2p8p0p9p8p0p8p 44.0 115.0

Coupling A 9.4 18.0

Paris Turf

This mammoth field closer is very wide open as one would suspect. A bit of a flyer is taken on the ex Irish (4) ESHAAN who got it right on his fourth French run at Pornichet last time and can now build on that. Many will row in with (1) JIOSCO and with good reason. (2) KARYNIA and (12) FAST CHARLIE can give a good account of themselves as well as (8) GRIGRI DE JAVA.

Selection: 4-1-2-12-8