13 Jan 2018 4:00 Cagnes-sur-Mer Val Carei Handicap

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  • Race Distance:1600 m
  • No. of Runners:16 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 19000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Fibresand
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 15:30 16:04


1 (2)
Makat Poker FR

Dual winner from twenty two outings and might have each way chances today
Owner: R Meder
Prize Money: €52,700

F 4/60.0 I Mendizabal
M Krebs
275 176p0p4p0p0p0p1p9p0p 21.0 16.0

2 (13)
Ankorune FR

Just the one win from a dozen attempts and seems to be reverting to type
Owner: A&g A&g Botti
Prize Money: €11,900

F 4/59.5 C Demuro
A & G Botti
270 0p176p1p5p9p7p0p0p3p 15.0 15.0

3 (4)
Shirley Tango ITY

Has won twice from twenty two runs and comes into this in good placed form
Owner: E Tanghetti
Prize Money: €39,288

F 4/59.0 C Soumillon
A & G Botti
265 173p2p2p6p6p6p3p3p1p 3.1 2.5


4 (10)
Silver Poker FR

Only the one win from twenty nine and it is easy to look elsewhere today
Owner: Mme D Leguillon
Prize Money: €39,800

G 4/59.0 T Speicher
D Chenu
265 9p175p0p0p4p3p5p0p9p 23.0 45.0

5 (6)
Al Mansor IRE

Is zero from thirteen and will surely be difficult to fancy here again
Owner: Ecurie Michel Doineau
Prize Money: €32,912

G 4/59.0 J Auge
P Monfort
265 170p0p7p5p4p4p8p7p3p 24.0 26.0

6 (14)
Gascon FR

Little or nothing in four outings and is basically impossible to fancy here
Owner: B Jones/b Dunn
Prize Money: €15,240

G 4/58.5 J Da Silva
Mme G Rarick
260 178p8p0p6p 16.0 8.6


7 (9)
Ode One FR

Just the one win from thirteen and another is proving difficult to come by
Owner: Bigeni
Prize Money: €26,550

G 4/58.0 G Millet
R Martens
255 170p6p8p1p4p9p6p4p7p 16.0 25.0

8 (5)
Sweet Wine FR

Runner up three times in a row late last year but remains a maiden and all to do
Owner: A Ren
Prize Money: €13,750

F 4/58.0 E Lacaille
P Khozian
255 179p5p2p2p2p0p3p4p4p 26.0 34.0

9 (7)
Graimbouville FR

Won on debut last season at Pau and put up some ok performances later on
Owner: P Bouchara
Prize Money: €11,500

F 4/57.5 C Lecoeuvre
J M Capitte
250 176p6p6p4p0p0p9p5p2p 20.0 28.0

10 (11)
Louve Dancer FR

Still a maiden after twenty two outings and will do well to break duck today
Owner: R Gachies
Prize Money: €30,700

F 4/57.0 T Piccone
G Heurtault
245 174p0p3p0p9p8p6p3p2p 15.0 25.0

11 (16)
Flower Of Life IRE

Some promise in six outings and will have to do better to shed maiden status
Owner: S Parkin
Prize Money: €4,100

F 4/57.0 F Blondel
S Brogi
245 176p0p4p5p4p2p 27.0 29.0

12 (15)
Stormberg IRE

Just the one win from twenty nine runs but will struggle to add another
Owner: Mlle C Lauffer
Prize Money: €36,150

G 4/56.5 D Santiago
F Cheyer
240 175p7p5p4p5p3p8p5p7p 11.0 10.0

13 (8)
Thoughtless FR

Yet to place in five outings and it is impossible to see a way forward
Owner: P Azzopardi
Prize Money: €0

F 4/55.5 A Orani
P Azzopardi
230 177p9p8p7p0p 59.0 110.0

14 (12)
Killing Joke FR

Only one win from thirty four and looks a big outsider for honours here
Owner: Jp Vanden Heede
Prize Money: €0

M 4/54.0 E Hardouin
Boutin (s)
215 9p170p8p3p0p7p0p0p3p 23.0 39.0

15 (3)
Rockdale FR

Broke maiden status four runs back and has performed with credit since then so respected
Owner: Mme N Vandenabeele
Prize Money: €48,950

G 4/54.0 M Michel
J M G Lefebvre
215 5p173p2p1p0p6p0p7p7p 6.1 6.1


16 (1)
Parinacota FR

I still a maiden after fourteen attempts and most unlikely to snap that sequence
Owner: M Hovelacque
Prize Money: €3,275

F 4/53.5 R Thomas
Mlle V Dissaux
210 0p170p7p0p0p8p0p0p5p 25.0 64.0

Paris Turf

(15) ROCKDALE has to have as good a chance as most here based on a breakthrough win four starts back at Machecoul and has been performing with credit since then. There might be another win in him. (3) SHIRLEY TANGO and (12) STORMBERG will definitely be thereabouts at the finish. That remark can apply to (2) ANKORUNE and (1) MAKAT POKER as well.

Selection: 15-3-12-2-1