13 Jan 2018 3:30 Cagnes-sur-Mer Val Borrigo Handicap

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  • Race Distance:1600 m
  • No. of Runners:18 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 17000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Fibresand
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 15:02 15:34


1 (4) A
Enjoy The Silence FR

Four time winner from forty three but is on a long losing sequence now
Owner: B Cambier
Prize Money: €159,160

M 5/60.0 R Thomas
C Boutin
235 174p0p8p0p6p9p0p4p0p 11.0 8.2


2 (3)
Dark Road IRE

Dual winner from thirty runs and on a losing run but has been running well
Owner: Ecurie Michel Doineau
Prize Money: €69,930

G 5/60.0 J Auge
P Monfort
235 174p3p5p0p0p0p0p0p6p 10.0 5.8


3 (7)
Press Officer FR

Thrice a winner from thirty two but looks to be a big outsider here today
Owner: P Faucampre
Prize Money: €71,150

G 5/60.0 C Lecoeuvre
J M Capitte
235 177p5p0p5p0p0p9p6p0p 16.0 23.0

4 (17) A
Ribot Dream IRE

Just the one success from forty and basically is a huge outsider here again
Owner: B Cambier
Prize Money: €87,200

G 5/60.0 B Marie
C Boutin
235 0p179p8p6p5p6p0p1p0p - -


5 (15)
Kharkov FR

One win from nine runs and did show some better form last time out when third
Owner: B Lorentz
Prize Money: €20,720

G 5/60.0 A Coutier
J Parize
235 173p7p0p1p6p0p0p6p9p 24.0 12.0

6 (2)
Shakila Green FR

One win from forty and surely looks out of contention once more today
Owner: J Van Der Weide
Prize Money: €66,500

F 6/60.0 T Piccone
J M Capitte
235 178p9p3p0p0p5p4p5p6p 31.0 58.0

7 (6)
Vaporetto Capri IRE

Dual winner from twenty eight and has the form to put up a performance here
Owner: Mme N Vandenabeele
Prize Money: €49,070

G 5/59.5 F Blondel
J M G Lefebvre
230 178p3p5p0p6p0p5p0p0p 19.0 17.0

8 (1)
Sir Gin IRE

Former winner in Italy and has put up some good performances in this country
Owner: Mme D Schoenherr
Prize Money: €32,250

G 7/59.5 I Mendizabal
S Labate
230 178p2p6p9p7p4p3p4p 25.0 33.0

9 (10)
Almenara FR

Nine time winner from forty seven and arrives in nhere with every chance on form
Owner: Mme P Maubon
Prize Money: €125,100

F 7/59.0 V Seguy
Mme P Maubon
225 172p3p9p0p8p0p2p0p 10.0 8.8

10 (9)
Shanabala FR

Thrice a winner from thirty nine but needs to step it up somewhat here
Owner: R Dupont-fahn
Prize Money: €82,000

F 7/58.5 C Soumillon
F X Belvisi
220 178p5p0p7p0p2p3p3p2p 9.7 10.0

11 (13)
Cetra IRE

Thrice a winner from thirty four but surely an outsider for this now at this stage
Owner: Mlle C Lauffer
Prize Money: €34,387

F 6/58.5 D Santiago
F Cheyer
220 170p6p7p2p0p2p1p2p3p 22.0 38.0

12 (14)
Pakistan Treasure IRE

Still a maiden after ten but was runner up in two of his last three. Has a shout
Owner: C Mosse
Prize Money: €6,850

G 6/58.5 E Lacaille
C Mosse
220 2p178p2p8p0p9p5p9p0p 7.4 8.4

13 (12)
Adjudant Chef FR

Twice a winner from seventy one and while on a long losing run has chances here
Owner: F Boualem
Prize Money: €123,650

G 8/57.5 M Guyon
F Boualem
210 5p172p6p3p4p2p7p2p8p 6.3 8.4


14 (8)
Robin Blood FR

Thrice a winner from forty one and a place would look to be best hope
Owner: A Capozzi
Prize Money: €69,250

M 6/57.0 M Michel
P Khozian
205 4p170p5p6p4p4p0p6p8p 17.0 10.0

15 (16)
O Ciuciarella FR

Just the one place in her eight runs and will surely be an also ran here
Owner: Jc Sarais
Prize Money: €2,100

F 5/57.0 G Benoist
J C Sarais
205 176p5p6p0p4p5p8p166p 29.0 65.0

16 (5)
Golden Law FR

Has some good placed form in sixteen winless outings and could be a contender
Owner: Mme M Philippon
Prize Money: €25,050

G 6/56.5 K Barbaud
Mme R Philippon
200 170p2p4p9p2p9p3p4p6p 24.0 39.0

17 (18)
Altare Si IRE

Ten time winning ten year old who will need to get back to top form to score
Owner: Jp Vanden Heede
Prize Money: €190,740

G 10/53.0 C Pacaut
B Goudot
165 178p0p0p3p0p0p0p0p0p 24.0 61.0

18 (11)
Per FR

Remains a maiden after fifty two runs and basically a big outsider again
Owner: B Goudot
Prize Money: €29,800

G 7/51.5 E Hardouin
B Goudot
150 176p9p5p9p7p0p5p6p6p 17.0 37.0

Coupling A 8.4 8.8

Paris Turf

Many of these are either completely out of form or are very moderate in the first instance so finding the winner will be a big task. (2) DARK ROAD has as good a chance as any following a few good placed efforts. (12) PAKISTAN TREASURE and (10) SHANABALA are similar types with hopes for both (9) ALMENARA and (1) ENJOY THE SILENCE too.

Selection: 2-12-10-9-1