13 Oct 2017 5:00 Pont De Vivaux Casimir Terron Handicap

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  • Race Distance:2000 m
  • No. of Runners:14 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 12000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 16:40 17:12


1 (13)
Puce Du Rheu FR

Thirteen time winner from ninety three but needs to do better than lately
Owner: Mme Jc Napoli
Prize Money: €144,625

F 8/60.0 S Callac
J C Napoli
200 6p8p5p2p0p0p0p8p0p6p 10.0 15.0

2 (9)
Vim FR

Just the one win from seventy six but might throw in a big one here
Owner: D Duglas
Prize Money: €94,500

G 6/59.5 F Blondel
C Boutin
195 5p7p8p5p4p0p2p5p5p2p 4.9 4.4


3 (4)
Just For Love FR

Dual winner from sixteen runs but looks well out of form
Owner: Mme M Philippon
Prize Money: €21,375

G 4/59.5 C Lecoeuvre
Mme R Philippon
195 8p4p4p6p6p9p6p0p0p 26.0 39.0

4 (5)
Landa Heigt FR

Seven time winner from forty seven and looks an outsider
Owner: C Andre
Prize Money: €35,700

F 8/59.5 C Billardello
R Martens
195 6p7p16Ah15AhTh1hAh3h 14.0 12.0

5 (8)
Campione FR

Triple winner from thirty nine but needs to step it up a bit
Owner: B Cambier
Prize Money: €85,250

G 5/58.5 M Lanave
C Boutin
185 0p7p0p0p0p8p9p0p7p3p 11.0 5.7


6 (10)
Miss Bowl FR

Four time winner from twenty five but is another that needs an alarm call
Owner: E Bernhardt
Prize Money: €38,650

F 7/58.5 G Maurel
E Bernhardt
185 6p0p0p0p160p158p7p 35.0 102.0

7 (3)
Ice Man Star GER

Second win from twenty six came a few goes back so might have a squeak
Owner: Le Haras De Fred
Prize Money: €117,586

M 5/58.0 F Foresi
F Foresi
180 6p7p0p1p3p9p160p0p6p 15.0 9.2

8 (12) A
Babel Ouest FR

Thirteen time winner from eighty nine but needs to find the mojo again
Owner: Mlle M Marin
Prize Money: €239,350

G 9/57.5 G Millet
Mlle M Marin
175 0p8p9p9p0p6p6p8p0p 12.0 17.0

9 (2)
Living Desert GB

Dual winner from sixty seven and chance if on a going day
Owner: Mlle I Dusautoir
Prize Money: €65,862

G 7/57.5 N Perret
S Labate
175 8p7p0p2p4p3p3p3p8p 10.0 7.1


10 (6)
Altare Si IRE

Ten time winner from multiple runs but way out of form now
Owner: Jp Vanden Heede
Prize Money: €190,740

G 9/57.0 M Forest
B Goudot
170 0p0p0p0p0p5p9p0p0p9p 8.0 18.0

11 (14)
Sylhen'ce FR

Dual winner from forty three and could have a say in proceedings
Owner: Mme V Majcen
Prize Money: €55,450

F 4/56.5 A Crastus
Mme V Majcen
165 6p3p5p0p3p0p0p2p1p9p 11.0 12.0

12 (11)
Victorianvalentine FR

Five time winner from sixty one and has a chance of sorts in poor heat
Owner: B Souchon
Prize Money: €117,870

F 6/56.5 E Lacaille
D Souchon
165 4p6p5p2p4p0p8p0p164p 21.0 13.0

13 (1) A
Inina FR

Just the one win from seventy and needs to buck up ideas
Owner: Mlle M Marin
Prize Money: €20,300

G 7/55.5 G Congiu
Mlle M Marin
155 0p7p0p0p6p6p5p2p4p1p 21.0 65.0

14 (7)
Per FR

Is zero from forty nine and that stat says it all really so no chance
Owner: B Goudot
Prize Money: €29,800

G 6/55.0 T Andrieux
B Goudot
150 9p7p0p5p6p6p5p5p6p4p 9.6 16.0

Coupling A 7.8 14.0

Turfcom race preview

This is pretty poor stuff to be fair and very difficult to be dogmatic either way about the chances of most of them as they are so badly out of of form but the one to chance is probably (2) VIM who is at least threatening do something of late. (9) LIVING DESERT and (5) CAMPIONE might get interested along with (7) ICE MAN STAR.

Selection: 2-9-5-7