13 Oct 2017 4:25 Pont De Vivaux Vendredi Treize Handicap

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  • Race Distance:2000 m
  • No. of Runners:14 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 14000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 16:05 16:39


1 (6)
Koskoroba FR

Triple winner from thirty two and must have a big influence here
Owner: South Kensington Stables
Prize Money: €56,210

G 4/60.0 R Fradet
P Marion
270 5p3p2p7p1p3p9p0p0pAh 8.3 5.2


2 (5)
Jasper GER

Made it win number four last time out at Lyon-La-Soie so should go well
Owner: M Charleu
Prize Money: €81,500

G 7/59.0 N Perret
F Foresi
260 1p4p7p2p5p6p2p2p3p8p 6.9 5.8


3 (14)
Aimless Lady FR

Gained win number six at Hyeres last time. Must be rated as a result
Owner: Mme J Morelli
Prize Money: €121,630

F 5/58.5 E Lacaille
F Vermeulen
255 1p4p2p3p8p4p5p7p3p3p 24.0 9.2

4 (11)
Shakila Green FR

Just the one win from thirty eight but was third last time
Owner: J Van Der Weide
Prize Money: €62,300

F 5/58.5 A Crastus
J M Capitte
255 3p0p0p5p4p5p6p7p0p9p 11.0 10.0

5 (8) A
Bowling Green FR

Four times successful and comes in here in really good heart
Owner: Mme N Carrie-eychenne
Prize Money: €106,450

G 6/58.0 F Foresi
F Foresi
250 3p2p2p2p3p2pTp0p9p1p 5.1 6.9

6 (4)
Grey Vendome FR

Triple winner but on a long losing run at the moment so best watched
Owner: R Meder
Prize Money: €55,600

G 5/57.0 A Merou
M Krebs
240 6p8p6p9p0p2p0p2p5p4p 10.0 11.0

7 (12)
Mind GB

Seven time winner from fifty nine and nice runner up last time at Hyeres
Owner: C Escuder
Prize Money: €97,200

G 6/56.5 F Blondel
C Escuder
235 2p5p4p0p2p3p1p2p6p9p 6.0 4.8


8 (2)
Bonnie And Clyde IRE

Just the one win from twenty seven and way out of form at the minute
Owner: Mlle Sillard/p Nador/vermeulen
Prize Money: €33,240

G 4/56.5 M Forest
P Nador
235 9p0p0p0p0p0p1p4p3p4p 30.0 34.0

9 (10)
Lady Commandement FR

Four time winner and better effort last time when third in a claimer
Owner: R Frauciel
Prize Money: €83,800

F 5/55.0 M Grandin
C E Rossi
220 3p0p0p3p0p0p0p160p5p - -


10 (7) A
Smoky City FR

Six time winner from eighty nine but a workload on here today
Owner: Mme N Carrie-eychenne
Prize Money: €129,450

G 9/55.0 G Congiu
F Foresi
220 8p6p0p6p6p7p2p4p4p4p 17.0 43.0

11 (13)
La Garnerie FR

Dual winner from twenty seven including penultimate run
Owner: P P Decouz
Prize Money: €32,900

F 4/55.0 B Flandrin
P Decouz
220 5p1p5p3p8p3p6p160p4p 33.0 56.0

12 (3)
Debt Of Honour FR

Still a maiden after a dozen tries but not looking likely here
Owner: D Duglas
Prize Money: €21,150

G 4/54.0 R C Montenegro
C Boutin
210 0p7p7p4p9p4p8p6p5p8p 19.0 50.0

13 (1)
Cormairi FR

Five time winner from thirty seven and could have an each way play here
Owner: D Ambos
Prize Money: €52,850

F 5/53.0 V Seguy
M Pimbonnet
200 6p4p7p9p3p1p7p4p9p5p 14.0 13.0

14 (9)
Tahiti Way FR

Triple winner from forty two but perhaps left alone here on all evidence
Owner: P Azzopardi
Prize Money: €66,600

F 6/53.0 N Kasztelan
P Azzopardi
200 5p4p0p8p166p5p3p4p1p 34.0 100.0

Coupling A 4.0 5.9

Turfcom race preview

(1) KOSKOROBA might be the best one to side with in a very open contest where many of the protagonists are not coming in in any sort of form. The selection has been running well enough of late to warrant the vote ahead of the like of (7) MIND and (5) BOWLING GREEN while (2) JASPER will always be a threat in a race like this.

Selection: 1-7-5-2