13 Oct 2017 3:50 Pont De Vivaux Docteur Roland Charbit Handicap

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  • Race Distance:2000 m
  • No. of Runners:14 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 16000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 15:20 16:03


1 (11)
Next Temptation FR

Four time winner from forty five and just denied a hat trick last time out
Owner: F F Vermeulen
Prize Money: €104,320

G 6/63.0 M Forest
F Vermeulen
360 2p1p1p4p9p0p3p0p0p5p 13.0 6.8


2 (12)
Mokka FR

Seven time winner from sixty and just needs to up it now
Owner: C Faure
Prize Money: €158,640

F 6/62.5 R C Montenegro
P Marion
355 4p7p0p8p8p1p3p2p4p6p 9.2 11.0

3 (3)
Ellerman IRE

Triple winner from nineteen and can be given a chance here
Owner: S Tardy
Prize Money: €79,350

M 4/60.0 E Lacaille
P Khozian
330 5p3p6p2p2p3p1p8p6p 9.2 6.4


4 (8)
Le Ring FR

Good strike rate with ten from thirty seven and can be counted in
Owner: F Bembo
Prize Money: €265,500

M 7/59.5 A Lustiere
F Bembo
325 4p0p1p5p2p6p0p0p6p8p 30.0 47.0

5 (2)
Kencharova FR

She is five from twenty six and a place is best hope it seems
Owner: F Deblois
Prize Money: €81,100

F 5/59.0 G Millet
F Vermeulen
320 7p0p6p1p2p8p3p4p7p5p 12.0 11.0

6 (6)
Issauroma FR

Triple winner from thirty two and was runner up last time out
Owner: G Bianchi
Prize Money: €64,600

F 4/57.5 F Blondel
C Escuder
305 2p0p4p1p8p0p5p9p0p5p 7.0 9.2

7 (9)
Formentor FR

Just the one win from twenty two but has some sort of form
Owner: Gaby Mosse
Prize Money: €49,100

G 4/57.0 N Kasztelan
G Mosse
300 6p7p3p3p0p0p8p0p0p1p 21.0 57.0

8 (10)
Toufrint FR

One win from seven runs last season but has been off for a long time
Owner: Le Haras De La Gousserie
Prize Money: €17,050

F 4/57.0 V Seguy
R Chotard
300 163p2p4p1p4p6p7p 32.0 54.0

9 (14)
Sherman Oaks FR

Six time winner from thirty two and is in splendid form in claimers
Owner: G Linsolas
Prize Money: €0

G 5/56.5 B Panicucci
J Reynier
295 2p3p1p1p2p3p3p1p8p6p 10.0 8.3

10 (7)
Ambre Sauvage GB

Triple winner from nineteen and could have a chance of sorts
Owner: Ecurie Mathieu Offenstadt
Prize Money: €51,090

F 5/56.5 A Crastus
J P Gauvin
295 7p9p5p5p2p4p2p1p1p2p 7.8 5.8


11 (4)
Ty Cobb IRE

Three time winner from forty seven but latest few runs are a worry
Owner: J Bossert
Prize Money: €73,960

G 6/55.5 F Foresi
F Foresi
285 0p9p4p6p2p3p8p2p8p7p 16.0 20.0

12 (1)
Alcyone FR

Dual winner from twenty five but seems to have a bit of a battle on
Owner: A Bardini
Prize Money: €63,530

G 4/55.0 N Perret
D Ferir
280 7p4p5p2p7p5p8p4p3p0p 14.0 15.0

13 (5)
Gatsby One FR

Placed three times last year but very poor in a couple of runs this time round
Owner: J Troggi
Prize Money: €7,400

M 4/55.0 A Orani
P Khozian
280 0p0p167p3p3p2p 21.0 45.0

14 (13)
King Dream FR

Dual winner from thirty six and maybe has an outside chance
Owner: Pr Nicolas
Prize Money: €73,310

G 4/54.5 G Congiu
E Caroux
275 4p8p7p2p8p0p7p7p0p5p 6.9 9.1

Turfcom race preview

This opening contest sets the tone for the rest of the day as it is so difficult. A small wager on (3) ELLERMAN may yield a profit. The Zoffany colt brings a fair level of consistent form to the table and can get the better of (1) NEXT TEMPTATION who should be in the mix along with (6) ISSAUROMA and possibly (9) SHERMAN OAKS.

Selection: 3-1-6-9