13 October 2017 8:15 Vincennes Le Parisien (prix Hera)

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  • Race Distance:2850 m
  • No. of Runners: 18 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 60000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
  • Weather:Unvailable
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This is the QUINTE+ race


No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 19:45 20:17


Un Bon Fils FR

Not the worst horse in the race but has never made any impact at Vincennes and is not about to buck the trend
Owner: B Courquin
Prize Money: €147,580

G 2850m 9 V Boulogne
V Boulogne
4a0a1a0aDa4a1a0a2a8a 76.0 98.0

Valfleury FR

Faithful campaigner for the most part and gave a good account at La Capelle last weekend. Breaks from the front and appears to have a good hand to play
Owner: D Garconnet
Prize Money: €248,630

G 2850m 8 Cl Duvaldestin
T H Duvaldestin
2aDa8a8a1a1a2a1a1a1a 11.0 9.5

Arrival De Ginai FR

Made good improvement of late and most recently imposed over shorter at Enghien. On the front line but no more than a minor place chance
Owner: P Plassais
Prize Money: €204,950

F 2850m 7 P Pacaud
P Plassais
1a5a9aDa0a1a1a2a6a3a 24.0 27.0

Urricane West FR

Tends to give a good account in the provinces and although having pleased last time is shod here and can expect to find this a stiff test
Owner: Ecurie Haras Des Quatre Vents
Prize Money: €156,520

G 2850m 9 Ph Forget
P H Forget
4a0a8aDm2m5a2a5a3a0a 107.0 142.0

Aravis Roc FR

Respectable dual-purpose type that usually gives his best. Has a decent record here and should not be overlooked
Owner: J M Giller
Prize Money: €203,880

G 2850m 7 F Lecanu
E Varin
4m6a5m3mDaDa5a6a3a4a 51.0 63.0

Agitateur FR

Delicate but otherwise relatively productive. First start for two months though and others preferred
Owner: Mme Annick Desmottes
Prize Money: €179,190

G 2850m 7 Arnaud Desmottes
A Desmottes
Da2a3aDa8a2a4a2a161a 21.0 21.0

Voici A La Bruyere FR

Went into his break on a low note and has picked up where he left off. No threat
Owner: Ch Cuiller
Prize Money: €161,860

G 2850m 8 D Bonne
C H Cuiller
6a9a0a0a0a5a6a2a1a6a 43.0 57.0

Agathe Des Ruettes FR

Gives a good account for the most part when barefoot. Benefits from a front-row start and must be respected
Owner: Ecurie Jean FrançOis Popot
Prize Money: €186,180

F 2850m 7 A Popot
J F Popot
7a0a6a9a8a2a2a2a3a0a 22.0 24.0

Alf De Melandre FR

Decent trotter but just his third start back and with shoes on will pose no danger
Owner: Mme M Legavre
Prize Money: €210,195

G 2850m 7 F Ouvrie
P H Legavre
5a0m7a0a6a8a0a5a3a16 18.0 22.0

Auteur FR

Not the most productive horse in the field but posted his last decent result with Mottier in charge. Same driver here but a tough ask all the same
Owner: Mme Sandrine Loncke
Prize Money: €167,730

G 2850m 7 M Mottier
P Castel
Dm6a0a8a2a0a0a4aDmDm 46.0 59.0

Uranus Tepol FR

Good provincial trotter that made a solid comeback with shoes on. Barefoot this time and with Raffin at the helm can be assured a competitive drive
Owner: P Billon
Prize Money: €166,080

G 2850m 9 E Raffin
P Billon
6a4a8a5a0aDm1a4a7a8m 11.0 11.0

Astral Viretaute FR

Currently enjoying a good run of form and although seldom seen over the short course still looks a respectable minor place chance
Owner: J P K'dual
Prize Money: €313,260

G 2875m 7 D Thomain
P Godey
4a2a2a1a5a6a8aDa0a5a 8.8 8.5


Arius Du Douet FR

Back at the top of his game with two straight wins including over the distance on the outer course. On the second line but a major player all the same
Owner: A Turquet-Lepreux
Prize Money: €370,850

G 2875m 7 F Nivard
F Nivard
1a1aDa0aDa3aDaDa0a1a 4.7 4.8


Ultimo Du Douet FR

No slouch on a good day but needs to improve on his recent thrashing at Lisieux
Owner: Bvba Lieven De Groote
Prize Money: €295,855

G 2875m 9 D Locqueneux
C H Groote
0a4a7a5a2a7a5a4aDa6a 47.0 58.0

Voeland FR

Not always the most reliable but is not short of merit and going unshod all four will do his prospects no disservice
Owner: Stal Campus Rpf
Prize Money: €324,892

M 2875m 8 S Stevens
Marc Cock
0aDa5a2aDaDa6a7a3a2a 21.0 24.0

Ulhior Du Beziau FR

No longer the horse of old. Solidly beaten in his last four and can be passed over
Owner: P Sitruk
Prize Money: €322,760

M 2875m 9 A Abrivard
A Pereira
0a8a8a8a4a4a9a7a0a7a 68.0 85.0

Alamo Du Goutier FR

Simply dynamic all year and particularly impressive in a difficult race here three weeks ago. Stays shod and should again figure prominently
Owner: H Hebert
Prize Money: €396,300

G 2875m 7 V Hebert
V Hebert
2a1a1a1a1a1aDa2a1a1a 3.4 3.0


Upman FR

Has been racing very modestly for some time and not a realistic proposition
Owner: G Houssaye
Prize Money: €307,960

G 2875m 9 B Piton
B Mascle
6a9a0a9a0a0a7a5a0a8a 35.0 47.0

Turfcom race preview

The talented (13) ARIUS DU DOUET is back at the top of his game and considering how well he won last time here must be considered a leading contender. He is sure however to be opposed by the ever-consistent (17) ALAMO DU GOUTIER whose recent Vincennes performance was nothing short of exceptional. The reinvigorated (2) VALFLEURY benefits from a 25m advantage and should be good enough to make the frame. Others to be considered include the in-form (12) ASTRAL VIRETAUTE and front-line starter (8) AGATHE DES RUETTES who is unshod all four for the occasion.

Selection: 13-17-2-12-8