13 October 2017 2:55 Le Mont Saint Michel Villedieu-les-poeles (gr B)

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  • Race Distance:2675 m
  • No. of Runners: 15 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 21000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 14:25 14:59


Darwino FR

Runner-up at Argentan in January. Disqualified in six out of eight starts
Owner: F Delanoe
Prize Money: €29,790

G 2675m 4 F Delanoe
F Delanoe
Da7aDaDaDa2aDa 29.0 21.0

Defi Du Valbriau FR

Third place for the third time from four outings at Caen on September 11
Owner: Mme V Aube
Prize Money: €5,460

G 2675m 4 L Aube
L Aube
3a8a3a3a 23.0 18.0

Dollar Du Bocage FR

Broke duck at Bihorel-les-Rouen in March. Third at Amiens in May but prone to breaking stride. Fully unshod first time
Owner: R Lung
Prize Money: €34,760

G 2675m 4 Ch Clin
C H Clin
DaDa3aDaDa1a163a5aDa 16.0 9.8

Da Capo Prior FR

Second in a ridden race at Domfront at the end of July. Seventh of 14 in harness at Nuille-sur-Vicoin last Sunday
Owner: A Desmarres
Prize Money: €11,200

G 2675m 4 Aurelien Desmarres
S Desmarres
7a8a5aDa6a0m2m4a0a6a 26.0 91.0

Dauphin Hibe FR

Opened account at Jarnac on September 3. Fifth of 15 at Challans last week. Jean-Michel Bazire booked
Owner: G L Peltier
Prize Money: €0

M 2675m 4 J M Bazire
G L Peltier
5a5a3a1aDa9aRa7a3a0a 4.1 3.2


Diamant Luxor FR

Runner-up at Meral in May and at Graignes in July. Eighth of 17 at Caen last week
Owner: Ecurie SéBastien Hardy
Prize Money: €13,550

G 2675m 4 S Hardy
S Hardy
8a6a6aDaDa2a8aDaDa8a 19.0 24.0

Don Juan De Tyrole FR

Won for the first time at Dieppe in August. Disqualified at Cholet last time
Owner: Ecurie Des Plaines
Prize Money: €12,440

G 2675m 4 St Rouxel
S T Rouxel
Da6a1a5a4a6aRaDa160a 26.0 64.0

Diking Du Breucq FR

Third at Dieppe in mid-August and at Reims last time out on the first day of this month
Owner: Mme F Masure
Prize Money: €26,160

G 2675m 4 Ph Daugeard
P H Daugeard
3a4a0a3a7a6aDaDa0a16 4.5 4.3


Dream Du Lirot FR

Scored at Ranes and at Savigny-sur-Braye in June. Disqualified in two out of last three races
Owner: Jean Michel Guerrin
Prize Money: €12,970

G 2675m 4 J Ph Monclin
S T Meunier
Da0aDa6a1a1a5a7aDa16 8.4 9.2

Daily Cash FR

Runner-up at Villeneuve-sur-Lot in May. Not disgraced when seventh of 16 at Laval latest. Starts from 25m line and debut for new trainer
Owner: Cuadra Ladil
Prize Money: €52,605

G 2700m 4 G Andreu Adrover
G Andreu Adrover
7a0a8aDa5m7a6m2m7a0a 25.0 27.0

Domino Du Milan FR

Placed for the fourth time this term when third at Ecommoy in August. To the rear at Vire last Sunday
Owner: Mme F Perachon
Prize Money: €27,490

G 2700m 4 G Lessieu
G Lessieu
0a0aDa3a9a3a5a5aDaDa 24.0 77.0

Dionys De La Cour FR

Runner-up at Meslay-du-Maine in April and third at Angers in May. Fourth of 13 at Cordemais on the first day of this month
Owner: Ecurie Jacques Bruneau
Prize Money: €33,320

G 2700m 4 J Bruneau
J Bruneau
4a0aDa4aDa3a6a2a9a0a 15.0 31.0

Duc D'Alloer FR

Runner-up twice last year but hasn't made the frame this term. Fourth of 16 at Le Croise-Laroche latest
Owner: H Combot
Prize Money: €30,300

G 2700m 4 H Combot
H Combot
4aDaDm5m6mDm6aDaDm0a 23.0 41.0

Dead On Time FR

Opened account at Morlaix in March. Fifth of 15 at Alencon at the start of this month
Owner: Ch Lejeune
Prize Money: €25,610

G 2700m 4 A Barrier
Mme G Masschaele
5a5aDa5a5a8aDa7aDa7a 17.0 27.0

Dandolo FR

Successful at Amiens in April. First run since May
Owner: Mme A Germain
Prize Money: €29,410

G 2700m 4 V Royer
Mme A Germain
4a4a1a4a160a7aDa8a5a 11.0 8.7


Turfcom race preview

(5) DAUPHIN HIBE is a tentative selection in a very open race on the basis that he is barefoot and has Jean-Michel Bazire doing the steering. Reims-third (8) DIKING DU BREUCQ along with (10) DAILY CASH - who ran better than his last placing suggests - and (6) DIAMANT LUXOR are other possibilities for a place on the podium.

Selection: 5-8-10-6