12 October 2017 8:55 Les Sables D'olonne La Vendee

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  • Race Distance:2775 m
  • No. of Runners: 15 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 25000
  • Race Type:Mounted
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age/Wgt Driver/Trainer Form 20:25 21:01


Bambolina FR

Consistent in this code. Is proven at a better level and looks in with a decent shout
Owner: Mme N Roussel
Prize Money: €177,830

F 2775m 6/67.0 A Wiels
Alain Roussel
0a7m3m5m4m2m4m6mDa8m 13.0 13.0

Aulynx D'Any FR

Sprang something of a surprise when winning at Angers eight days ago (beating Vic Du Bossis) and should not be underestimated
Owner: Ecurie Romuald Mourice
Prize Money: €152,660

G 2775m 7/67.0 N Pacha
M Abrivard
1m9mDmDm6m162m8mDm4m 19.0 20.0

Vilhena Vro FR

Has failed to make the frame since placing here 13 months ago and unlikely to influence the outcome
Owner: Mme L Chicoine
Prize Money: €138,880

F 2775m 8/55.0 Mlle M Le Bourhis
R Metayer
6m5m9m0m8m0m9mDm16Dm 24.0 52.0

Vic Du Bossis FR

Has looked particularly solid since returning to his code of preference and should again acquit himself competitively
Owner: Ecurie Du Bossis
Prize Money: €170,900

G 2775m 8/57.0 Mlle C Theault
O Raffin
3m4m0a0a3a0a9m8a9m2m 20.0 27.0

Ulf Du Reverdy FR

Has been completely off the boil for the past 18 months and can be confidently disregarded
Owner: M Denisot
Prize Money: €145,970

F 2775m 9/67.0 Mlle M Bacsich
F Leblanc
0m9a0a6mDa6m9a7m7m0a 19.0 16.0

Adorable Fouteau FR

Recently rewarded with a solid success at Cabourg and on similar form could double up
Owner: A Dreux
Prize Money: €167,980

G 2775m 7/67.0 A Abrivard
A Dreux
1m5m7m5m9m0mDm3m9m3m 14.0 8.4


Ange Karlann FR

Exceptional under the saddle in past few months. Winner of her last two and latterly with courage at Vincennes. On similar form should pull off the hat-trick
Owner: Ph Serizot
Prize Money: €211,960

G 2775m 7/57.0 Mlle L Drapier
K Champenois
1m8a1m0aDm3m2mDaDa4m 5.4 4.2


Baron Du Bourg FR

Not the most reliable but can make his presence felt when applied and will have his supporters
Owner: J G Van Eeckhaute
Prize Money: €234,630

G 2775m 6/67.0 E Raffin
J G Eeckhaute
0a6a9m2mDaDa9aDm167m 4.7 3.4


Bad Boy Terrie FR

Regularly gives a decent account and on current form should be good enough to make the first five
Owner: B Angot
Prize Money: €160,880

G 2775m 6/57.0 A Angot
B Angot
6m5m6mDm6mDm3m4m9m16 12.0 16.0

Ange Du Palais FR

Highly consistent under harness but has not once looked threatening in this code and not a realistic choice
Owner: J D Caron
Prize Money: €165,070

G 2775m 7/67.0 Christopher Corbineau
P Belloche
Dm4a4a4a3a3a3a3a1a8m 19.0 29.0

Violette De Mone FR

Blows hot and cold but left a good impression last time over track and trip and should not be far off the mark
Owner: F Constantin
Prize Money: €170,460

F 2775m 8/67.0 F Gence
F Constantin
Dm5a0a3m8a1m8m7a8a0a 6.1 11.0

Unctuous Charm FR

Moderate type that has never shown any great aptitude for this discipline and others preferred
Owner: A Wend
Prize Money: €164,565

G 2775m 9/55.0 J Gricourt
G Thorel
9a5m0a3aDaDaDa3a7a2a 34.0 69.0

Banco De L'iton FR

Regular for the most part. Reassured at Lisieux two weeks ago and should not be overlooked
Owner: Ecurie De L' Iton
Prize Money: €197,490

G 2775m 6/57.0 M Pean
Hughes Levesque
2m8m4m7m4mDm7m1m3m3m 13.0 15.0

Valderic FR

Has done nothing of note in either code for some time and will once again have nothing to offer
Owner: Ch Nivard
Prize Money: €172,000

G 2775m 8/57.0 Th Peltier
C H Nivard
9a0a0a0a7m7m8a7a6m0a 49.0 86.0

Uranus Gede FR

Not the most rewarding of horses. Looked ordinary on his return to ridden competition and can be ruled out
Owner: A Pejus
Prize Money: €161,970

G 2775m 9/55.0 Mlle L Planchenault
A Pejus
6m2a0a8a4a5a0a5a7a3a 43.0 82.0

Turfcom race preview

Over past months (7) ANGE KARLANN has been flying in this specialty and with front shoes off again is eminently capable of achieving the three-timer. (6) ADORABLE FOUTEAU got back down to business at Cabourg three weeks ago and if on similar form should pose the greatest threat. (1) BAMBOLINA is seldom far from the action in ridden competition and in this company should be able to make the frame. (8) BARON DU BOURG may not be the most dependable but is unshod behind this time and will not be difficult to back.

Selection: 7-6-1-8