12 October 2017 6:25 Les Sables D'olonne Bourgenay

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  • Race Distance:2775 m
  • No. of Runners: 18 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 21000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 17:55 18:33


Berenice Du Loisir FR

Lost her way this time last year and can be confidently disregarded
Owner: Ecurie Marechal
Prize Money: €57,760

F 2775m 6 Ch Hamel
C H Hamel
Da6aDa0a5aDa166a6a0a 129.0 134.0

Bel Ami Des Dames FR

Very complicated individual that has not been seen out for four months and no realistic chance
Owner: J Cottel
Prize Money: €55,540

G 2775m 6 J S Cormy
J S Cormy
Da0aDaDaDa0aDaDaDaDa - -


Arcadie FR

Delicate but still a respectable mare. In this field however will have too much to do
Owner: A David
Prize Money: €56,890

F 2775m 7 Y Dreux
A David
3a4aDaDm4aDaDa2a6a6a 25.0 27.0

Apollo De Ry FR

More productive under the saddle but made a winning comeback under harness earlier in the month and should not be ignored
Owner: J M Teillet
Prize Money: €68,020

G 2775m 7 J M Teillet
J M Teillet
1a16Dm1m1m3m1mDmDm5m 15.0 18.0

Action Marceaux FR

Delicate but otherwise seldom disappoints when unshod. Is barefoot this time and from the front line can make a big impact
Owner: G Hilaire
Prize Money: €0

F 2775m 7 O Raffin
E Audebert
0a4a3aDaDa1a2a3aDaDa 19.0 13.0

Bon Coeur Du Lupin FR

Showed nothing from five this season and will need to show marked improvement on his return from the break
Owner: Ecurie Jean Paul Marmion
Prize Money: €58,380

G 2775m 6 A Wiels
J Marmion
DaDa7a0a0a16Da9a4a4a 14.0 22.0

Brunette D'imoko FR

Completely off the boil for the past 16 months and will have nothing to offer
Owner: Ecurie Christian Boisnard
Prize Money: €63,460

F 2775m 6 A Gilles
C H Boisnard
9a8aDa0a16Dm4aDm7mDa 36.0 50.0

Apollon D'ourville FR

Respectable trotter on a good day but unraced since January and will need the outing
Owner: Ecurie Eric Richard
Prize Money: €59,020

G 2775m 7 F Morvan
D Vallee
Dm164aDm9a5a5a3aDm3a 62.0 153.0

Born In Java FR

Good consistent trotter that has escaped the penalty. Set his personal best at Reims mid-September and will have his supporters
Owner: P A Viel
Prize Money: €75,110

G 2775m 6 P Houel
G Houel
3a7a1a3aDa0a163a1a5a 7.0 10.0

Amazone Des Bois FR

Mare with some ability but has so far failed to recapture last season's form and can be ruled out
Owner: F Heon
Prize Money: €113,870

F 2800m 7 F Heon
F Heon
DaDaDa0a164a3aDa1a3a 47.0 127.0

Amour Royal FR

Has failed to make the frame in his last 21 starts and is not a viable proposition
Owner: G Paille
Prize Money: €115,620

G 2800m 7 G Paille
G Paille
Da9m7a6a0a6a6a6a5a0a 41.0 127.0

Belle De Manche FR

Has hardly set a foot wrong for the past three months and given current form looks capable of upsetting the apple cart
Owner: Mme A Thoury
Prize Money: €0

F 2800m 6 T H Le Floch
T H Le Floch
1a3a1a2a3a5a2a1a0a8a 7.9 7.1


Barbie De Janeiro FR

On a very good run at the moment. Comes here on the back of a pleasant win and with Raffin at the helm should continue her rewarding streak
Owner: E Planchenault
Prize Money: €133,150

F 2800m 6 E Raffin
E Planchenault
1a5a3a4a4a8aDa3a1a2a 7.6 4.9


Ange Gardien Juan FR

Modest individual with better prospects in the claiming division and poses no danger
Owner: M David
Prize Money: €112,600

G 2800m 7 M David
M b David
0a0aDa9a0aam0a0a3a8a 121.0 226.0

Belle De Rossignol FR

Not the most rewarding of horses. Well beaten on return to competition and even going unshod behind will still have her work cut out
Owner: K Champenois
Prize Money: €124,140

F 2800m 6 K Champenois
K Champenois
0a8a6aDa9a2a4a0a6a5a 15.0 22.0

Binky FR

Enjoyed a decent summer for the most part and although unplaced in last two should appreciate these conditions and figure prominently
Owner: S Moureaux
Prize Money: €119,590

G 2800m 6 A Abrivard
J M Baudouin
0a0a1aDa1aDa2a3aDa0a 16.0 9.3

Act Of Love FR

Has done nothing noteworthy for an extended period and can be written off
Owner: B Grondin
Prize Money: €114,850

G 2800m 7 A Grondin
B Grondin
0a0a0a8aDa0a0a0aDa16 120.0 214.0

Bolide Du Guet FR

Has a good entry here in terms of earnings. Should be fully fit by now and with shoes off can get back to winning ways
Owner: D Heon
Prize Money: €152,680

G 2800m 6 D Heon
D Heon
5a0a0a0a1a4a5a0a167a 3.1 3.1


Turfcom race preview

The capable (18) BOLIDE DU GUET showed considerable improvement on just his second start back and going barefoot this time can only enhance his already good prospects. (16) BINKY is no slouch either and despite recent blips can still make a big impact if he can maintain stride. When applied and unshod the delicate (5) ACTION MARCEAUX rarely lets the side down and the front row start does her chances no disservice. (13) BARBIE DE JANEIRO continues to give her best and Eric Raffin has been drafted in for the drive. (9) BORN IN JAVA is well in on the first line and on present form will have a role to play.

Selection: 18-16-5-13-9