12 October 2017 4:55 Les Sables D'olonne Vendee Globe

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  • Race Distance:2775 m
  • No. of Runners: 18 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 30000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 16:25 17:01


Vigano Jet FR

Has looked very solid in recent weeks and although more productive in the amateur category must still be afforded respect
Owner: Christophe Jariel
Prize Money: €113,325

G 2775m 8 A Wiels
J Et Dubois
1a5a3a1a6a8a0a2a9a5a 18.0 13.0

Angel D'or FR

Fine trotter that seldom disappoints when applied. Finished a good third to the classy Bolt last time out and on similar form could wrap this up
Owner: B Vallette
Prize Money: €0

G 2775m 7 F Lecanu
B Vallette
3aDa6aDa6a2aDa1a0aDa 2.7 2.6


Votre President FR

Respectable type for the most part but went into his spell on a low note and not expected to wow the crowd on first start for over four months
Owner: M Malinge
Prize Money: €117,270

G 2775m 8 D Pieters
P a Rynwalt-boulard
6a0a0a168a9a3a1a3a4a 81.0 155.0

Vintage Dream FR

Encouraged in a claimer at Enghien mid-August however a repeat looks distinctly unlikely
Owner: Ecurie J C -g Beaufils
Prize Money: €117,180

G 2775m 8 G Beaufils
G Beaufils
7a4a6a7a0aDaDaDaDa0a 31.0 65.0

Un Petit Tresor FR

Not the most productive horse in the field and recent amateur results do little to inspire confidence
Owner: Ph Beileard
Prize Money: €117,690

G 2775m 9 L Beileard
P H Beileard
7a6a2a7a8a9aDa0a6a5a 65.0 117.0

Aura Deff FR

Moderate sort currently going through a rough patch and unlikely to worry the opposition
Owner: D Blot
Prize Money: €118,000

F 2775m 7 V Cabos
F Terry
Da0a0aDaDa6a3a7a5a8a 56.0 53.0

Athos De Beaufour FR

Very hard to knock when he can keep his action together. Recently set his personal best in an amateur event at Vincennes and steps back up in class with a major role to play
Owner: Ecurie SéBastien Hardy
Prize Money: €127,720

G 2775m 7 A Collette
S Hardy
2aDa4a6a2a3a2aDa5a5a 16.0 15.0

Usher De Piencourt FR

Has been racing very smartly of late and the nature of his recent Chartres performance augurs well for his chances
Owner: R Malherbe
Prize Money: €118,110

M 2775m 9 M Daougabel
H Daougabel
3a0a4a3a3a0a3aDa9a2a 17.0 18.0

Aimant FR

Hardy type that has been going well lately. Met interference at Angers last time but still needs to be at his best
Owner: J Morel
Prize Money: €127,790

G 2775m 7 G Marin
O Raffin
0a5a4a1a8a7a9a5a0a7m 62.0 99.0

Univers De L'aube FR

Consistently gives his best. Not disgraced at Vincennes last time although the second row start not ideal
Owner: Mlle Lucile Guinaudeau
Prize Money: €251,570

M 2800m 9 O Raffin
O Raffin
7a3a9a5a9a2a4a3a8a7a 50.0 76.0

Tenor D'espiens FR

Capable but well-beaten in last two and the extra 25m does nothing to help his cause
Owner: Ch Vandestick
Prize Money: €234,540

G 2800m 10 L Guinoiseau
C H Vandestick
0a8a3a0aDa4a0a2a0a4a 62.0 133.0

Annees Folles FR

Considerably better sort in the other branch of the business and can be passed over
Owner: Ecurie M Et A P Bezier
Prize Money: €237,890

F 2800m 7 L Jousse
M Bezier
0a0a6aDm8m2m0m4m4m9m 77.0 165.0

Agrippa Mesloise FR

Not the most reliable but can trot. Placed just once in last six but can still make an impact under these conditions
Owner: D Belloche
Prize Money: €240,840

F 2800m 7 E Raffin
P Belloche
8a2aDa0aDa5a3a0a1a2a 5.7 5.7


Viking Du Pilet FR

Appears to be back in business following some modest performances. On the back line but still one to note
Owner: Y Docquin
Prize Money: €278,590

G 2800m 8 J A Huet
Y Docquin
3a1a6a4aaa0a0a4a0a16 17.0 15.0

Tsar D'andain FR

Pleased earlier in the summer but has since lost his way and must reaffirm
Owner: Ch Leches
Prize Money: €263,740

G 2800m 10 A Abrivard
P Mary
0a9a0a0a3aDa1a1a9aDa 18.0 13.0

Auch FR

Useful sort on a good day but remains shod here and must have other objectives
Owner: Ecurie Christian Bigeon
Prize Money: €346,950

G 2800m 7 C H J Bigeon
C H Bigeon
7a2a9a2a9a9a9a5a2a16 10.0 13.0

Athos Des Volos FR

Blows hot and cold but is not without merit. Back to racing shod and if on form can make his presence felt
Owner: F Ph Soulat
Prize Money: €268,700

M 2800m 7 F Ph Soulat
F Soulat
8a0a1a0a3a4aDa0a0a3a 40.0 74.0

Venise Girl FR

Has made respectable progress of late. Sanctioned on turf last time but returns to s surface she will appreciate and looks a player
Owner: Y Dreux
Prize Money: €250,830

F 2800m 8 Y Dreux
Y Dreux
Da4a8a9a6a7a0a6a0aDa 10.0 8.4


Turfcom race preview

(2) ANGEL D'OR put on quite the show at Vincennes last time out and should have the measure of most here provided he can keep his action together. (13) AGRIPPA MESLOISE starts with a 25m disadvantage but has references at this level and with hind shoes off this time can apply the pressure. The improving (18) VENISE GIRL returns to a hard surface and can more than make up for her recent Rambouillet sanction. (7) ATHOS DE BEAUFOUR and (8) USHER DE PIENCOURT both break from the front and look the best of the minor place chances.

Selection: 2-13-18-7-8