12 Oct 2017 3:40 Bordeaux-le Bouscat La Mettrie Handicap

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  • Race Distance:1900 m
  • No. of Runners:11 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 16000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 15:10 15:46


1 (5)
Forecaster GB

Has done well throughout the year so must be given some respect
Owner: G Larrieu
Prize Money: €40,787

F 4/62.5 D Santiago
C Gourdain
345 1p4p1p1p1p2p3p3p165p 10.0 7.3


2 (6)
Resource IRE

Has not won this year but his last run did suggest that it could be coming soon
Owner: Mme I Bein-Trautmann
Prize Money: €50,495

G 4/61.5 F Pardon
F Pardon
335 2p6p3p0p5p0p9p6p164p 5.8 10.0

3 (2)
Win Boy FR

Mostly on fair form but could have a winning chance in this line-up
Owner: Mme E Campels/mme V Fremiot
Prize Money: €69,630

M 4/59.0 N Desoutter
M Delaplace
310 4p9p5p4p9p3p6p5p165p 8.6 10.0

4 (10)
Moon Dust FR

Unreliable and has not won this year but is capable of running a place
Owner: A Rebeuh
Prize Money: €45,800

F 4/58.0 M Guyon
E Libaud
300 3p0p0p2p0p6p2p0p166p 4.9 7.8

5 (4)
Vemix FR

Unreliable and may need further than this distance but could play a minor role
Owner: Mme N Walton
Prize Money: €53,520

G 4/58.0 V Seguy
W Walton
300 3p0p0p1p6p8p9p6p4p6p 10.0 11.0

6 (7)
Party Dress FR

Versatile and is in good form but could find this race a bit tougher
Owner: Mlle H Van Zuylen
Prize Money: €34,275

F 4/58.0 Mlle C Herisson De Beauvoir
C Gourdain
300 1p2p1p1p3p16Tp9p4p2p 11.0 8.8

7 (8)
Prime Suspect FR

Improving and did win latest start so must have a wionning chance
Owner: N Barnett
Prize Money: €0

G 4/57.0 M Forest
P Cottier
290 1p2p5p4p7p 9.8 5.8


8 (1)
Royal Bowl FR

Has yet to win but recent form is good enough to win a race like this
Owner: V Bukhtoyarov
Prize Money: €51,180

G 4/57.0 G Benoist
M Delzangles
290 3p4p4p0p2p2p166p8p2p 6.1 4.2


9 (9)
Refsing FR

Unreliable and last run was pretty poor so may need to find a few lengths to win
Owner: Sanchez Frederic
Prize Money: €32,350

G 4/54.0 M Lanave
Francisco Sanchez
260 9p1p0p160p0p7p5p0p9p 24.0 38.0

10 (3)
Moon De La Gesse FR

Has yet to win but recent form is fair and could earn a stake cheque.
Owner: Traditia Racing Club
Prize Money: €28,600

F 4/53.5 F Garnier
C Gourdain
255 4p2p7p6p2p167p5p4p2p 22.0 19.0

11 (11)
Keph De La Mancha FR

Has bits and pieces of fair form. Battling to win but might play a minor role
Owner: Mme C Talon
Prize Money: €24,300

G 4/53.0 A Werle
T Lemer
250 4p0p5p2p4p5p8p166p5p 21.0 27.0

Turfcom race preview

(8) ROYAL BOWL has shown enough to contest the outcome. He has become costly to follow but could soon be rewarded for his consistency. (3) WIN BOY is somewhat of a course specialist and should give another good account. In-form (7) PRIME SUSPECT and fellow last-start winner (6) PARTY DRESS make plenty appeal on current form. (2) RESOURCE is another to consider for minor money.

Selection: 8-3-7-6