13 Aug 2017 2:05 Le Lion D'angers Bec D'oudon Stakes

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  • Race Distance:2400 m
  • No. of Runners:13 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 12000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 13:35 14:10


1 (4)
Jim Dandy GB

Triple winner from twenty two but a bit of work on here
Owner: Ecurie Michel Doineau
Prize Money: €58,048

G 4/61.0 T Baron
P Monfort
260 6p3p5p0p8p0p4p1p0p6p 8.3 8.1

2 (8)
Mister Iff GB

Just the one win from thirty five and has a lot to prove today
Owner: L Edon
Prize Money: €66,650

G 5/60.0 F Gavilan
L Edon
240 0p5p6p4p0p2p6p1p169p 12.0 17.0

3 (11)
Zhayrem FR

Made it win number four two runs back at Deauville and is interesting
Owner: A Pinot/a Menuge
Prize Money: €66,350

F 6/59.5 V Gambart
P Leblanc
185 6p1p0p0p0p3p0p0p160p 16.0 17.0

4 (6)
Swinging Song GB

Seven time winner from forty one and looks a threat to all
Owner: Jf Jf Doucet
Prize Money: €74,550

F 6/57.5 L Oger
J Doucet
240 5p3p4p0p3p0p0p0p160p 6.4 4.3


5 (5)
Tevennec FR

Won on debut last year but it has not gone smoothly since
Owner: Suc G Berthouloux
Prize Money: €6,600

G 4/57.0 E Lebreton
M Aubry
260 9p5p7p6p161p 11.0 8.6

6 (2)
Ourville's Andy FR

Still a maiden after eight runs and appears to have little chance
Owner: Ph Bigot
Prize Money: €0

G 4/57.0 A Ceccarello
A Hollinshead
215 0p160p0p7p0p0p0p150p 48.0 105.0

7 (12)
Calajani FR

One win from seventeen and has a job of work on for sure
Owner: An Hollinshead
Prize Money: €61,340

G 4/57.0 A Merou
A Hollinshead
220 0p6p0p0p0p0p160p0p0p 21.0 17.0

8 (7)
Glasclune IRE

Dual winner from ninety three and has an each way shout in poor race
Owner: D Mahe
Prize Money: €73,500

G 10/57.0 Q Perrette
D Mahe
150 5p0p0p9p160p2p2p6p2p 15.0 16.0

9 (3)
Dark Dynamic GB

Owner: L Mirabile
Prize Money: €11,600

G 4/57.0 Non Partant
J P Oliveira
240 9p0p162p3p8p7p4p4p5p - -


10 (13)
Willicat FR

Has won four from twenty seven and might have a little squeak
Owner: B Le Gal/t Roussel
Prize Money: €84,830

F 6/55.5 G Trolley De Prevaux
A Fracas
250 7p4p0p0p162p2p6p2p1p 4.2 5.5


11 (10)
Baraka GER

Just the one win from twenty and a fair bit more needed
Owner: Ecurie Azur Racing
Prize Money: €9,240

F 6/55.5 M Justum
Y Fertillet
215 7p6p0p159p6p9p6h143h 8.9 12.0

12 (9)
Darling Du Coteau FR

Remains a maiden after twenty two but has shown ability
Owner: Mme M Etienne
Prize Money: €20,450

F 4/55.5 C Guitraud
F Monnier
225 0p2p4p0p8p0p166p6p4p 21.0 18.0

13 (1)
Parti Pris GB

Still a maiden after ten but big show here latest and every chance
Owner: Mlle S Verrier
Prize Money: €8,700

F 4/55.5 N Larenaudie
Mlle S Verrier
205 2p8p0p7p0p160p5p5p4p 7.1 6.9


Turfcom race preview

This is a pretty poor contest by any standards and it seems to rest between (13) PARTI PRIS and (4) SWINGING SONG with marginal preference for the former who remains a maiden but did put up a much better show at this venue last time out and can see off the likely favourite. (8) GLASCLUNE and (12) DARLING DU COTEAU can come home next.

Selection: 13-4-8-12