13 Aug 2017 3:30 Deauville Gd Hp Deauville Handicap

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  • Race Distance:1610 m
  • No. of Runners:18 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 100000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
  • Weather:Unvailable
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This is the QUINTE+ race


No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 15:00 15:36


1 (9)
Snaad GB

Good recent form and did win latest. Received a 3.50kg penalty for that win but has a big chance
Owner: Na Al-mesned
Prize Money: €154,960

G 5/60.0 P C Boudot
F H Graffard
450 1p2p4p6p164p154p1p1p 6.9 6.6


2 (8)
London Protocol FR

Won latest. Has more to do under a 2.50 kg penalty. Can finish in the money
Owner: Ontoawinner/mckeown/mme B
Prize Money: €94,880

G 4/58.0 T Piccone
K R Burke
430 1p5p9p4p0p8p160p3p5p 22.0 18.0

3 (6)
Kay Kay Boy IRE

Has yet to win a race. Fair form over further but is likely to find this distance too sharp
Owner: Mme K Babel Mikhalides
Prize Money: €11,600

M 4/58.0 O Peslier
G E Mikhalides
430 3p2p2p9p 25.0 31.0

4 (11)
Vilaro FR

Unreliable but is capable of an upset when in the mood. One to rather watch
Owner: A Louis-dreyfus
Prize Money: €146,210

G 4/57.5 S Pasquier
D Smaga
425 0p0p1p0p3p1p166p1p2p 21.0 19.0

5 (14)
Skiperia FR

Much improved and has won her last two starts. Deserves the utmost respect
Owner: Passion Racing Club
Prize Money: €229,510

F 6/57.0 M Guyon
Y Barberot
420 1p1p3p4p5p6p5p8p161p 10.0 12.0

6 (10)
Zarose FR

Unreliable but is distance suited and could pop up in the places
Owner: Y Borotra
Prize Money: €100,120

M 4/57.0 T Bachelot
H A Pantall
420 3p8p1p4p163p5p6p6p2p 24.0 20.0

7 (1)
Blessed Silence FR

Modest last run. Better this distance and could finish in the money
Owner: Ec N Forgeard/p Bonnier
Prize Money: €120,050

F 4/56.5 M Barzalona
J M Beguigne
415 6p2p3p164p1p5p6p4p1p 10.0 11.0

8 (2)
Iron Spirit FR

Disappointing last run. Capable of better and could earn a stake cheque
Owner: M Motschmann
Prize Money: €239,290

G 7/56.0 A Hamelin
Mme M Bollack-Badel
410 0p4p1p0p0p3p164p1p4p 17.0 20.0

9 (13)
Nice To See You FR

Disappointing last run. Capable of better and does have a winning chance
Owner: Mme D Ricard
Prize Money: €226,790

M 4/56.0 V Cheminaud
Robert Collet
410 8p3p2p6p0p3p0p9p0p 9.6 10.0


10 (12)
Flag Fen GB

A bit disappointing last time out. Capable of better and can earn some money
Owner: Mme A Casteu
Prize Money: €85,580

G 4/55.5 A Lemaitre
N Caullery
405 0p5p1p3p4p1p2p1p9p 38.0 33.0

11 (17)
Sant'amanza FR

Has not been at best this year but is on a competitive mark so might place
Owner: J Lastrajoli/m Leonetti
Prize Money: €163,240

F 6/55.5 C Soumillon
R Doleuze
405 4p0p5p5p2p167p0p3p3p 5.1 5.7


12 (5)
Aprilios FR

Not disgraced when third in latest start. Might not win but could place
Owner: A Poulopoulos
Prize Money: €129,820

G 5/55.0 E Hardouin
J M G Lefebvre
400 3p6p7p3p0p7p1p1p9p 21.0 20.0

13 (18)
Eternal Army FR

Has tended to be unreliable this year but is capable of winning a race like this
Owner: Mme J Cygler
Prize Money: €27,315

M 4/55.0 C Demuro
H A Pantall
400 6p2p1p0p3p9p2p0p160p 24.0 17.0

14 (3)
Ross Castle IRE

Well beaten in latest two starts and needs to make vast improvement to win
Owner: M Palussiere
Prize Money: €149,990

G 4/55.0 A Coutier
M Palussiere
400 0p0p6p3p7p0p5p160p0p 44.0 61.0

15 (16)
Dylan Dancing IRE

Has won three claiming races recently but will need to do more to win this race. Can place
Owner: C Le Veel
Prize Money: €105,491

M 4/54.5 R Thomas
C Le Veel
395 1p0p1p1p7p3p3p5p168p 34.0 21.0

16 (4)
Gaetano Donizetti IRE

Only fair form this year but can pop up and earn a stake cheque
Owner: M Lagasse
Prize Money: €88,350

M 4/53.5 T Thulliez
D Smaga
385 8p2p5p5p4p167p3p3p2p 14.0 16.0

17 (15)
Diwan Senora FR

Only modest form recently and needs to find a few lengths to win
Owner: Ecurie Haras Des Senora
Prize Money: €95,650

M 4/53.5 J Cabre
Y Barberot
385 6p6p6p6p0p164p4p4p3p 23.0 18.0

18 (7)
Geonpi IRE

Disappointing last run. Previous form against weaker was pretty good. Might place
Owner: G Delepau
Prize Money: €162,030

G 6/53.0 J Moutard
N Bellanger
380 7p2p2p2p4p5p2p5p1p1p 29.0 28.0

Turfcom race preview

As what is the standard dish in this category of race it is very difficult to find the winner. (11) SANT'AMANZA is usually there or there abouts so can run well under Christophe Soumillon. (1) SNAAD won well last time out and should run well once again. (12) APRILIOS could finish in the money. in a tough race. (7) BLESSED SILENCE has a winning chance.

Selection: 11-1-12-7-8