12 Aug 2017 5:45 Deauville De Crepon Handicap

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  • Race Distance:1600 m
  • No. of Runners:18 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 28000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 17:15 17:52


1 (7)
Bunraku GB

Eight time winner from forty one and made a good impression on return
Owner: A De Vos
Prize Money: €68,064

F 8/60.0 F Blondel
F Vermeulen
320 3p161p5p1p7p1p4p2p1p 20.0 17.0

2 (3)
Feel Alive FR

One win from fifteen but out of form so far this year and passed over
Owner: Safsaf Canarias Srl
Prize Money: €51,095

F 4/60.0 S Pasquier
Francois Rohaut
320 8p8p0p164p9p2p8p3p4p 7.2 5.8


3 (18)
Don Tommasino IRE

Some promise in three runs and has to be looked at being so unexposed
Owner: Am Haddad
Prize Money: €30,130

M 4/60.0 M Barzalona
D Smaga
320 0p163p5p 42.0 56.0

4 (8)
Idle Wheel FR

Four time winner from thirty six and has the form to go close
Owner: Mlle B Belvisi
Prize Money: €103,630

G 5/59.5 A Hamelin
F X Belvisi
315 5p4p1p3p0p7p0p4p5p0p 9.5 11.0

5 (11)
Royal Fox GB

Six time winner from thirty four including last time at Maisons Laffitte
Owner: Mme S Steinberg
Prize Money: €96,150

G 7/59.5 T Bachelot
Mme Mme S Steinberg
315 1p7p4p167p0p6p2p4p7p 25.0 15.0

6 (17)
Mesha One FR

Placed in three of his five outings and can have a say of sorts
Owner: G Hanouna
Prize Money: €23,340

G 4/59.0 V Cheminaud
Robert Collet
310 4p9p2p4p7p 10.0 17.0

7 (5)
Konigin Ricke GER

Triple winner from thirty five and has a chance of sorts today
Owner: Michael Figge/hubert Gent
Prize Money: €61,992

F 5/58.5 A Merou
M Figge
305 6p5p3p6p8p0p0p162p7p 26.0 24.0

8 (9) A
Heartbeat IRE

Dual winner from sixteen and comes in here in good form
Owner: Roy Racing Ltd
Prize Money: €42,680

G 4/58.0 P C Boudot
F Chappet
300 4p1p3p0p3p6p6p160p0p 14.0 10.0

9 (6)
Ship Rock IRE

He is a four time winner from sixty four but needs top form for this
Owner: Mlle M Vidal
Prize Money: €147,650

M 7/58.0 C Soumillon
Robert Collet
300 9p4p6p7p5p6p2p2p7p3p 15.0 14.0

10 (4)
Majura FR

Thrice a winner from nineteen including here last time out
Owner: A A Bonin
Prize Money: €49,495

F 4/58.0 C Lecoeuvre
A Bonin
300 1p8p8p0p0p8p0p7p161p 25.0 37.0

11 (13)
Vital Energy FR

A record of continuous improvement in four outings and respected
Owner: Mme K Babel Mikhalides
Prize Money: €10,300

M 4/58.0 O Peslier
G E Mikhalides
300 2p4p8p0p 19.0 23.0

12 (10)
Red Fine IRE

Dual winner last year but handicapper may have her still
Owner: Jv Toux
Prize Money: €106,420

F 7/58.0 A Lemaitre
Jv Toux
300 6p160p6p9p1p3p8p5p1p 19.0 23.0

13 (2)
Marchantie FR

Placed in five of her eight and runner up at Maisons-Laffitte last time out
Owner: J Tapprest/a Chenu
Prize Money: €32,020

F 3/57.5 T Thulliez
Y Gourraud
325 2p0p3p2p9p163p6p4p 9.6 9.7


14 (1)
Thindy FR

Triple winner who has placed in his last couple of runs so in form
Owner: Ecurie Willy Sebag
Prize Money: €101,880

G 5/57.0 E Hardouin
AS and D Allard
290 3p2p9p0p0p0p2p4p3p0p 8.2 12.0

15 (16) A
Ebamour IRE

Placed in three of his seven and was runner up at Maisons Laffitte last time
Owner: Roy Racing Ltd
Prize Money: €26,765

G 3/57.0 J Moutard
F Head
320 2p4p7p3p7p167p 9.5 6.7


16 (15)
Mr Young FR

Still a maiden after five but was better here last time out
Owner: C Morange
Prize Money: €19,450

G 3/57.0 Non Partant
F Head
320 4p7p8p5p5p - -


17 (14)
Hippolyte FR

Five time winner from forty two and did show a bit more last time
Owner: Mme T Clout
Prize Money: €191,930

G 8/57.0 T Piccone
T Clout
290 4p9p7p7p7p163p0p0p0p 14.0 17.0

18 (12)
Green Focus IRE

Dual winner from sixteen but out of form at the minute
Owner: J Arnou
Prize Money: €53,120

F 4/56.0 N Larenaudie
Jv Toux
280 0p0p9p7p1p1p3p168p9p 60.0 126.0

Coupling A 5.8 4.0

Turfcom race preview

This is one tough closer where a whole host of the runners can be given chances. The maiden (13) MARCHANTIE may not be totally obvious but there is merit to be gleaned from some of her runs like last time. She might be value. (15) EBAMOUR and (16) MR YOUNG are two similar types while (2) FEEL ALIVE and (4) IDLE WHEEL have hopes too.

Selection: 13-15-16-2-4