12 Aug 2017 3:15 Deauville De Bayeux Handicap

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  • Race Distance:1600 m
  • No. of Runners:18 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 55000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
  • Weather:Unvailable
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This is the QUINTE+ race


No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 14:46 15:18


1 (18)
Baroudar FR

Triple winner from twenty one and lightly raced this season finishing fourth on both occasions
Owner: Suc H De La Chauvelais
Prize Money: €116,530

G 6/60.0 O Peslier
J M Beguigne
380 4p4p167p0p3p3p2p158p 8.8 8.9


2 (8)
Mujeeb GB

Dual winner from nine runs including at Maisons Laffitte last time out but harshly penalized
Owner: H Al Maktoum
Prize Money: €59,525

M 3/59.5 A Lemaitre
F Head
405 1p5p3p7p2p161p7p3p9p 7.5 6.7


3 (6)
Rebellito FR

One victory in just the four runs and does make appeal being so unexposed and could be a price
Owner: Mme Jl Giral
Prize Money: €21,875

G 3/58.5 G Mosse
Joel Boisnard
395 3p6p1p3p 17.0 21.0

4 (15)
Prince Apache GB

One success from thirteen and did come back to form when runner up at Compiegne last time out
Owner: E Haep
Prize Money: €31,720

G 4/58.5 C Soumillon
A Suborics
365 2p6p7p8p1p163p4p2p7p 14.0 10.0

5 (12)
Weeken FR

Racked up a hat trick earlier this season but the handicapper has caught up
Owner: Mme N Carrie-eychenne
Prize Money: €96,875

G 6/58.0 F Foresi
F Foresi
360 7p0p7p1p1p1p160p0p2p 56.0 61.0

6 (13) A
Xotic FR

Previously won six from sixty one but has run out of form and others seem better suited
Owner: B Giraudon/ecurie Ascot
Prize Money: €304,090

G 8/58.0 M Barzalona
D&P Prod'homme
360 0p0p8p0p7p2p8p7p2p 15.0 19.0

7 (10)
Yume FR

Last of his five victories came in May of last year but he is sliding down the ratings now
Owner: U Ammann/ste C&y Lerner
Prize Money: €171,320

M 6/58.0 A Hamelin
C Lerner
360 6p4p9p4p0p7p0p9p165p 17.0 19.0

8 (17)
Mr Splendid FR

Achieved two wins last season but nowhere near that type of form this time round and one to avoid
Owner: Mlle C Stephenson
Prize Money: €126,630

G 8/58.0 T Thulliez
G Doleuze
360 0p6p0p0p160p1p1p9p4p 33.0 41.0

9 (14)
Kool And The Gang IRE

Scored at Salon-de-Provence earlier this year but needs top form again now
Owner: Stall All 4 Blondes
Prize Money: €72,015

G 7/57.0 C Stefan
J Albrecht
350 9p0p6p1p6p7p8p9p167p 52.0 39.0

10 (11)
Arvios GB

Made it win number three when scoring out of the blue here last time but a hike in the ratings means no
Owner: Fx Belvisi
Prize Money: €127,610

G 5/56.5 S Pasquier
F X Belvisi
345 1p0p0p6p168p6p8p0p6p 23.0 17.0

11 (7)
Babel's Book FR

Just the one win from fourteen runs and basically has it all to do
Owner: Salabi Racing
Prize Money: €68,740

G 4/56.5 T Bachelot
F H Graffard
345 5p0p6p3p160p9p2p3p4p 17.0 17.0

12 (3)
Black Night FR

Is on a hat trick now after consecutive wins at Clairefontaine and Vichy and what is not to like
Owner: Le Haras De La Gousserie
Prize Money: €96,340

G 4/56.0 F Blondel
R Martens
340 1p1p3p7p0p0p168p5p4p 22.0 27.0

13 (1)
Easterburg FR

Six time winner from thirty six and is generally consistent if a bit to find with some of these
Owner: J-a David/n Dalifard/n David
Prize Money: €111,860

G 6/56.0 P C Boudot
H A Pantall
340 4p3p6p2p2p0p0p3p164p 11.0 12.0

14 (2) A
Matken FR

Comes into this in serious form and did it well at Saint-Cloud last time and one of the major fancies
Owner: B Giraudon
Prize Money: €89,440

G 5/55.5 T Piccone
D&P Prod'homme
335 1p2p3p1p2p8p4p2p166p 12.0 15.0

15 (5)
Raven Ridge IRE

Has won four from thirty nine and looks sure to be competitive once more
Owner: Mme D Ricard
Prize Money: €111,392

G 6/55.0 V Cheminaud
Robert Collet
330 4p0p0p3p3p6p3p0p0p4p 8.9 11.0

16 (16)
Well Fleeced GB

Four time winner from forty and is always capable of a bold show so not discounted
Owner: A Delaey
Prize Money: €159,748

G 5/54.0 E Hardouin
Mlle C Fey
320 7p3p6p1p2p4p163p3p2p 21.0 16.0

17 (4)
Realisator FR

Just the two wins from thirty two and not beaten much by Black Sunday at Vichy last time
Owner: Galopp-club Rhein-main
Prize Money: €85,220

G 5/54.0 M Guyon
W Mongil
320 2p5p6p4p1p4p8p0p0p 10.0 9.6


18 (9)
Ducale Di Maremma ITY

Only one win from nineteen but did show a bit at Chantilly last time so that was better
Owner: B Vitale Brovarone
Prize Money: €33,132

G 4/54.0 C Demuro
F Sheridan
320 3p5p0p2p0p9p3p164p9p 22.0 20.0

Coupling A 6.7 8.7

Turfcom race preview

There is no denying how strongly competitive this Quinte is. A chance is taken on (14) MATKEN to follow up a narrow win at Saint-Cloud and while the handicapper reacted harshly the son of Kendargent might have enough to see off a host of challengers headed up by (1) BAROUDAR and (15) RAVEN RIDGE while (2) MUJEEB and (13) EASTERBURG can have a say also.

Selection: 14-1-15-2-13