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Yutaka Take. Winning the Arc not a dream, but a goal

29 September 2018

On Sunday 7th October, unrivalled star in his native Japan, Yutaka Take will ride in his seventh Arc, this time associated with Clincher. Back on French soil, to which he is no stranger, he took a few minutes to share his thoughts.
You will shortly reach the superb achievement of 4,000 victories in Japan. What does that mean to you?
When I began in 1987, one became a crack jockey with 1,000 victories. I never thought that one day I would reach 4,000.
You are almost 50 years old but are still in fantastic form. What is your secret?
Yes, on 15th March next year. I don’t have any particular secret [laughs]. I simply love racing and love competition.
Concerning the Arc, what does the race mean to you?
It’s my dream, it’s my favourite race. I would almost say that the aim of my existence is to win it. It’s a legendary race and I hope I will achieve my goal this year. Once you’re at the start, everyone has a chance of winning.
You were beaten on Deep Impact in the 2006 Arc. Was that one of your biggest disappointments?
Yes, that was one of the big let-downs of my career. I often still dream about it…
The quality of racing and racehorses in Japan has progressed enormously. Do you think Japan will win the Arc de Triomphe one day?
Of course! We have already produced some good results. We’ll win it one day….and I hope it will be with me!
Foreign jockeys regularly base themselves in Japan these days. What do you think about the competition?
I appreciate this competition. These jockeys have a positive impact on Japanese racing, particularly for our apprentices. Christophe Lemaire and Mirco Demuro are both very good jockeys and very good role-models.
Finally, how would you like to end the year?
Well, I am impatiently awaiting Arc weekend. I have Clincher  in the Arc itself, Geniale in the Prix de la Forêt, and L’Arc in the Prix de l’Opéra. Then, in Japan, we still have a dozen Group 1’s to run before 28th December.