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Ready Cash: Super racehorse and Supersire

21 February 2021

Retired from racing in 2014, Ready Cash has firmly established himself as Europe’s leading sire and his rapidly spreading influence means the majority of bloodlines could be dominated by the stallion in future decades. 

In a racing career spanning six years, Ready Cash won over four million euros in prize money with 33 Group victories, including back-to-back G1 Grand Prix d’Amériques (2700m). Yet his race-track accomplishments were eclipsed by immediate success at stud, producing G1 Critérium des Jeunes (2700m) heroine Avila and G1 Prix Albert Viel (2700m) victor Axelle Dark in his first crop. The excitement surrounding Europe’s upcoming sire was only heightened by his incredible second crop (B generation) which included double G1 Grand Prix d’Amérique champion Bold Eagle, versatile mounted and driven G1 winner Bird Parker and the speedy Brillantissime. Costing only 10,000 euros in 2010 with 71% of his progeny qualified to race, Ready Cash represented considerable value for money for the discerning breeder.

Despite a fiery temperament, Ready Cash continues to produce top-class performers after his seemingly unbeatable second crop. Arguably his 2015 progeny (F) have already reached the dizzying heights of the B generation. This crop includes recent back-to-back G1 Grand Prix d’Amérique (2700m) champion Face Time BourbonG1 Prix des Elites (2200m) winner Feeling Cash and mounted star Flamme du Goutier. Although the F generation have achieved approximately four million euros less in prize money, this is expected to continue to grow and earnings in mounted company has already surpassed the B. In addition, Ready Cash set a new personal record in 2015 with 81.9% qualifying, 9% higher than the B crop in 2010 and subsequently exceeded in 2016 with 82.5%.   

Although the presence of a ‘supersire’ is a positive image for the sport, the trotting industry is likely to face a similar predicament to its Thoroughbred counterpart with breeders struggling to find bloodlines without the influence of Ready Cash, similar to the Northern Dancer conundrum. Of the top ten stallions (by total prize money) for the G generation (2017), Ready Cash has sired four and is third in the rankings. It is also worth noting that Love You is ninth in the list and is responsible for three of the four remaining stallions, demonstrating the lack of sire lines for breeders to choose from. It is a similar story for the I generation (2018) – Ready Cash tops the rankings and has sired three others in the list (Charly du NoyerBird ParkerBold Eagle). 

With horses such as Face Time BourbonDjango Riff and Feeling Cash likely to prove popular with breeders across Europe in the next few years and the emergence of future stars like Gotland and Golden BridgeReady Cash’s influence is set to expand even further. While it represents an exciting ‘golden era’ for breeders, it comes with its own problems and the industry should be aiming to avoid a ‘Northern Dancer-esque’ domination.    

Picture: © APHR