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14 March 2021

A new horse-sales auction house in France was launched this week. Auctav differentiates and prides itself on being 100% online and, as such, Auctav is one of a kind in the French sales industry.   

In addition, this new French company has positioned itself offering horses from all three codes – flat, national hunt and trotting in a virtual and secure environment. There is no physical auction room with Auctav with everything being completed online. The company will be aiming to carry out regular small-scale sales over the internet with Auctav mediating between the vendor and purchaser.  

Auctav deviates from traditional horse sales companies with the plan to market regular monthly auctions (or more) providing the seller to choose a date coinciding with pedigree and track updates. The speed and ease in which Auctav allows a vendor to list a horse will provide a new and unique approach to the French horse sales market.  

The company believes its competitive advantage will be avoiding the historical problems of delays in traditional sales, from catalogue development to the sale itself, to payment and transaction. Acttav promotes that all difficulties faced with a traditional auction house approach are removed with the simplicity of the transaction being purely online.   

With Auctav presenting an opportunity to buy or sell a variety of horses at any given sale they believe this will be attractive not just to buyers in France but will also appeal to a wider international bloodstock market.  

Auctav has listed Wednesday 31 March between 10am and 8pm (French-time) for their first auction. Potential buyers and sellers will find further information at