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Left-handed rail

Flat, Jump & Trotting races.

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Turf track for flat races

Length: 2,068m & 1,656m

2 Starting points at 1,656m & 2,068m

Straight line: 400m

Width: 25m

All-weather track (sand) for trotting races

Length: 1,411m

Straight line: 350m

Width: 20m

2 Starting points: 2,300m & 3,025m


Boulevard des Tribunes, 44300 Nantes

A 35-hectare racecourse in the Pays de la Loire region in western France.

The hurdle course comprises of seven hurdles places on the flat track, while the steeple-chase course includes eight different jumps, notably a stone wall, a rail-ditch and an open-ditch.

Main meetings and events :

Grand Prix de Synergie (May)
Prix d’Anjou Bretagne (July)
Grand National du Trot (November)
Grand Prix de la ville de Nantes (November)